That’s it !!! No more Yo-Yo Dieting for me

That’s it!!!

I am fed up with constant yo-yo dieting!!! That’s for sure.

I have managed to lose 13 Kilos last year over a very short time – great…yep. Now comes the but… but I have also managed to let myself go again and gain 4.1 kilos back on my hips.

So why did I gained some of the weight back? Well I started exercising on a daily basis – the 4 Weeks to a New You Program, from Personal Trainer Tommy Europe.

That was a lot of fun and of cause it came with an incentive. As I am a very competitive person I loved the fact that you could win lovely prices. One of them was a meet and greet with Tommy in person or via Skype!

So yes, I gave my best – and it paid of!

I had a lovely chat with Tommy, asked him many, many questions and he also send me his book, T-Shirt and a signed poster. And the best of all; being featured in Tommy Europe’s advertisement too!

I was over the moon!!!

And then real life kicked back in. School run, sick children, work, and shores to name just a few… I stopped the regular exercise and the sensitive eating. Finishing my kid’s dinners plus a lot of snacking between meals.

When I won the challenge I weighed 87.0 kilos.

Today I weigh 91.1 kilos. My ideal weight should be between 52 – 60 kilos.

The plan in my head had been to be down to 55 kilo until April 2013.

Well it is already February and I have to lose 36.1 kilos.

So that’s it!

My plan from now on is to stick with these 5 rules:

  1. Breakfast every morning
  2. Lunch and Dinner, small portion
  3. Only snack on fruits
  4. No more excuses!
  5. Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes

Let’s see how it goes – shall we?

XXX Naomi

P.S. I had porridge with a banana this morning 😉 plus a large cup green tea.

Before and After the challenge





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