The International Women’s Day 2013

As today is the international women’s day and I want to congratulate all of you girls, mums and grandmothers, sisters, daughters, wife’s and sisters in laws and not to forget aunties.


So why do we need to celebrate ourselves year after year, someone might ask.

Here it comes:

Working woman in Europe have marked this day since the early twentieth century to highlight their solidarity in their fight for equal economic  and political rights with men.

But there are more reasons I would like to highlight. Women are wonderful not only because they give live and make a house a home. We are creative, funny, thoughtful, loving and caring.

Women have never been more qualified, experienced and confident then in 2013, so pure yourselves a glass today!


PS: To all the lovely men out there; Flowers and chocolates are always very welcome – not only on the International Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day,  Mother’s Day or Birthday 😉


Wishing you all the best

 xxx Naomi


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