“Judy, no need to be scared.” Children’s Picture Book



I am Naomi Mc Laughlan, author of the children’s picture book “Judy, no need to be scared.”

“Judy, no need to be scared.” is a picture book for children with fears and phobias.

Do you sometimes feel helpless in trying to comfort your child, when he or she experiences anxieties?

I did too. When my youngest daughter was diagnosed to have an autistic spectrum disorder, as well as multiple fears and phobias, I then researched for picture books and other visuals to help her.

Only to find that there weren’t any available which suited her needs.

I spend hundreds of hours looking into the autistic spectrum disorder, reading everything I could find, watching programs and I have also completed a course for parents whose child has a social communication condition.

Children with an autistic spectrum disorder show difficulties in:

  •  Social communication
  • Social interaction
  • Imagination

In the US 1 in 88 children has a diagnose of autism. In the last 6 years there has been an increase of 78%. Asperger syndrome is a condition considered part of the autistic spectrum.

Unfortunately in the UK there is no central register of everyone who has autism, which means that any information about the possible number of people with autism in the community must be based on epidemiological surveys.

There is no cure for  autism, but parents and professionals can make a real difference  by  structured teaching and supporting , which will help to develop social and communication skills.

“Judy, no need to be scared.” targets 6 key fears and phobias: noise, insects, weather change, sensory issues, water and darkness.

It also includes 2 pages of information and activity ideas for you and your child.

I hope you find this information helpful.

I wish you all the best!

xxx Naomi

PS: You can buy the book at: billabooks.com and amazon.com


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