A new challenge

Today is the first day of Tommy Europe’s 60-Day SHREDchallenge and I am in!

Normally I start a new diet and exercise regime on a Monday, especially after a long weekend of overeating.  My motivation tends to be great in the morning, but drops latest in the afternoon.

I then think of all the foods I try to deny myself (no more chocolate…) and it makes me rather wanting those more. I find all kind of reason not to exercise. That of cause makes me frustrated and I start sneaking of to the kitchen and eat everything I find. Well not everything of cause, but way too much!

Before I had my last child, 5years ago – not a good excuse anymore, I was slim and very active. I was a sleek size 8 to 10 and I could have never imagined that I could become a real bad ass yo-yo dieter.

Last year I tried Tommy’s 4 Weeks to a New You and it worked wonders! I lost soooo much weight and inches. I went down from a size 20 to a size 12! It was such a great feeling!

But live took over again; No time for exercise and eating my children’s leftovers. I can barely squeeze in my new size 12 clothes and in some I need a size 14 again. Oh boy!Ne challenge

You might think I am a dreamer, but my goal is to fit in a size 8 to 10 by summer. Yes, this year 😉

As soon as I have heard about the 60-Day SHRED Challenge I signed up. I need that extra push. Tommy provides everything I need to succeed:

In Phase 1, you follow the 12 Different Workouts, Meal Plan, Directions, and a Grocery List. The meal plans have exclusively prepared by Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian Maria Thomas.

In Phase 2, things get a little more customized and the training will be online with Tommy. And of cause there is the SHRED community who are all motivated too.

I will keep my food diary and exercise up to date.

This time there are no excuses – I promise Tommy! 😉

If you are like me, why not check out Tommy’s website here: http://tommyeurope.tv/60dayshredchallenge/

Let me know what you think – Leave me a comment below.

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xxx Naomi


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