6 weeks Holiday Program Week Three *Circus Circus*

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Week Three

*Circus Circus*

Cirucus Ticket

My kids and I love the circus! So this week we want to look on how we can get some of our own circus show talents out to the world!

Is there a circus in your town or city right now?

If yes, visiting it could be a great start for the third holiday week, wouldn’t it?

If not, YOU should become creative – Who would you like to be? The Clown, the Lion Tamer, the Juggler, the Hula-Hula girl or boy, the Plate Spinner, the Diabolo Artist, the Mime….


This is how you and your children can explore YOUR Circus Skills this week;

  • Visit your local Circus
  • Teach your pet a new trick together with your kids
  • Visit a trampoline centre and practise a new move
  • Create some costumes (Ballerina, Clown etc.)
  • Practice the Hula-Hula – on your arm, leg or neck and maybe with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6
  • Practice acrobatic tricks – cart wheel, split, somersault
  • Make your own juggle balls – watch the video below 😉
  • Lean how to juggle – balls, rings or scarfs
  • Make your own tickets
  • Fry some popcorn
  • Invite your extended family and friend to watch your circus performance

If you have missed the previous 6 Week Holiday Program ideas – here are the links:




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