6 weeks Holiday Program Week Four *Upcycle*

Week Four


I am not a crafty person myself, but I love trying out something new! So this week it is all about making something new out of something old.

Upcycling by Naomi Mc Laughlan

Here are the 4 main reasons which make upcycling not only fun, but also  important;

  • Conserves Resources
  • Saves energy
  • Helps protect the environment
  • Reduces landfill

Upcycling is becoming increasingly popular among individuals and groups concerned about climate change.  Compared to recycling it does not require energy and resources to collect, sort and process unwanted items and waste.

Finding a new purpose for unwanted items before chucking them away makes Upcycling an even greener way of recycling.

Have you ever upcycled something?

Here are a few ideas what you and your children could upcycle this week;

  • Depending on the age of your child or children talk about why it is important to upcyle or recycling and what climate change is.
  • Make a set of bowling pins out of  old water bottles – fill them up with sand and start bowling
  • Make a basket from newspaper – watch the video below
  • Fill a plastic box with toilet rolls and plant Alfalfa sprouts, which grow very fast and you can use for veggie wraps, salads or sandwiches.
  • Make a paper bag kite – see picture
  • Transform old Wellington Boots into flowerpots
  • Make a milk jug pencil holder

Don’t forget to take pictures from your up-cycled goodies, if you send them to: info@naomimclaughlan.com I will publish them here. Thanks!

Paper Bag Kite Collage by Naomi Mc Laughlan

Paper Bag Kite

This is what you need;

1 Paper bag

1 Ice Lolly stick

1.5 m string

Ribbon in different colours

Pens for decoration


Step 1 Use the string and ice lolly stick and tie a knot around it

Step 2 Make a whole in the top of the paper bag and put the ice lolly stick inside

Step 3 Decorate the bag with pens

Step 4 Glue some ribbon at the edge of the paper bag

Step 5 Glue the edge of the bag together

Step 6 Play 😉

Still not convinced?

Try this Maritime Napkin Holder

Maritime Napkin Holder by Naomi Mc Laughlan

Maritime Napkin Holder

Step 1 Wash, rinse and dry an old sauce glass

Step 2 Fill 1/3 with shells

Step 3 Cut old jeans and rap a string of it around the top of the glass

Step 4 Fill with napkins


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xxx Naomi


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