THANK YOU – Upcyclers

Hello everyone,

A quick update of my last post 6 weeks Holiday Program Week Four *Upcycle*, if you haven’t read it yet click here: , but do not forget to come back 🙂

As you know I have challenged you to send me some of your pictures and if you did I would publish them here.

Many thanks, to Linda F.  from Sutton on Sea in the UK, who send me this lovely idea she made with her 4 year old son Jordan!

jojo box 002 jojo box 001

jojo box 004jojo box 005

jojo box 007

jojo box 009

Many thanks, to Stacy K. from Wichita / Kansas in the USA, who send me this funny picture:

Stacy Garden Pic

You can still send your pictures to:

Oh and it looks like you couldn’t expand the Paper Kite collage from my previous post so here it is again, I hope it works this time! 😉

Paper Bag Kite Collage by Naomi Mc Laughlan

Please Like & Share

xxx Naomi


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