6 weeks Holiday Program Week Five *Soul Vitamins*

Week Five

*Soul Vitamins*

How have your past 4 weeks been? Mine were very very busy, because we stayed at home and I had to try and find ways to keep my kids happy and entertained. To be honest I am a bit exhausted, after all the games and art and craft we have been doing.

So this week shall be all about soul vitamins. What is a soul vitamin, you might wonder. I guess it is something completely differently to whoever you to get an answer from. For me it is everything that makes me smile right away when I think about it. So for example my personal soul vitamins are; getting my hair done at my favourite hair stylist, having a cappuccino with lots of cream and chocolate sprinkles (no – not the skinny Italian version, it’s a soul vitamin!), reading my favourite mag or a really good book in a quiet corner of our house or garden and eating lots of fresh and healthy salads πŸ˜‰

When I asked my 5 year old daughter, she answered that she would like to make some Candy Apples, my 11 year old daughter wished for Fruit & Chocolate Kebabs and my 16 year old son said he wants to play paintball this week and go to the Climbing Centre. So for my family it is clearly food and activities that come to mind.

Little Gem Salad, naomimclaughlan.com

What it is for you, your partner and your children?

Here are a few ideas which you and your children could do this week;

  • Make Candy Apples – see the video below
  • Visit the Zoo
  • Go to the library and enjoy a good book
  • Organize a picnic in the park for your family and friends
  • Make Fruit & Chocolate Kebabs – see picture below
  • Watch a movie in the cinema & enjoy a big tub of popcorn
  • Let your children play at a friend’s house and do something nice during the time, swap with the family the next time

Let me know how you are getting on!

Fruit & Chocolate Kebeb naomimclaughlan.com

P.S.: I am going to upload the video I have made for this recipe in the next days for you!

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xxx Naomi


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