Why Everyone Should Have a Coach

Every professional has a coach, whether it is a Life Coach who helps to focus on improvement in personal & professional or relationship matters, or a Sports Coach who assists serious athletes in game planning, motivation and skill development in their chosen sport, or a Business Coach who helps with professional issues on a one on one basis or for the whole business team in a company and lastly a Career Coach who specialises in coaching people who want to find a job, change their career, or get back into the job market after a break from work.

There are specific varieties in coaching available; examples are ADHD coaching, Christian coaching, Dating coaching, Expat & Global Executive coaching, Finance coaching, Health coaching, Systemic coaching,  Style coaching, and Victimisation coaching. The list on niche market coaching is endless as more and more coaches become experts in their field.

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Why Everyone Should Have a Coach – Top 3 List

1. Focus

Being able to set goals and be held accountable by an experienced Coach helps to get faster results.

2. Personal Cheerleader

Having someone who helps to stay motivated even if one feels distracted or lazy to ‘walk the talk’ is highly beneficial.

3. Constructive Feedback

Getting constructive feedback and having someone to brainstorm on finding new solutions is a valuable resource, especially if the coach is an expert in his or her field.

A false belief – Life Coaching is the same as Business Coaching

Life coaching is a form of therapy that helps clients to overcome obstacles in their personal life by assisting them to be able to change behaviour and teaching clients ways of achieving their goals by using new techniques. In this form of coaching the client is at the centre of the coaching sessions and coaching approaches.

Even though business coaching is a form of coaching, the form is very different. As the client learns to implement strategies or new techniques to get from where the business is positioned at the moment to where the client (owner) wishes it to be. A business can be very dynamic, employees and customers are involved for example, not just the owner. In this form of coaching the business is at the centre of the coaching session and the client is the one implementing new strategies, therefore business related skills are vital in this form of coaching.

According to the International Coach Federation there are more than 47,500 professional coaches worldwide. In most countries coaching is not regulated by law, therefore it is important to pay special attention to the qualification of the coach.

How to identify a Professional Coach:

  • A professional coach is qualified, registered and insured,
  • understanding and non-discriminative,
  • able to teach a variety of practical solutions, in a step by step way,
  • the office or workplace  is welcoming, clean, neat and tidy,
  • the coach is honest in a way that if he/she feels not suitable for a particular need to be able to refer to a colleague or other professional.

Have you ever being coached, if so what type of coaching  did you use to get to your goal?

Was it worth spending your time, energy and money on coaching?

Or do you believe that coaching is not for everyone?

Leave me your comments below.

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Xxx Naomi


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