The Social Media Ripple Effect

Have you ever wondered Why & How to use Social Media Marketing to Start and Grow your Business?

The social media ripple effect

Social Media has a significant impact on customer behaviour, according to a study conducted by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and Lithium, 80% of respondents tried new things based on friends’ suggestions and  78% of consumers say that the posts made by companies on social media influence their purchases.

Does this surprise you? It feels like forever that social media is around, even though some platforms are only a few years old.

Interesting facts;

WordPress  and LinkedIn started to blog and list in 2003

Facebook started to connect friends in 2004

YouTube went on air in 2005

Twitter send its first tweets in 2006

Pinterest started to pin in 2010

Google+ started to connected and hangout since 2011

Businesses no matter whether they are run by an individual entrepreneur or by an organisation with many employees social media has become an important way to connect and engage with customers and clients.

Here is my Top 5 List on Why to use Social Media for your Business

1. It influences the way customers think about a product or service

2. People love to share what they like

3. It’s FREE marketing

4. You can reach a worldwide audience

5. You can post details of events and sales

Here is my Top 5 List on How to use Social Media for your Business

1. Choose the platform that engages best with your ideal client or customer; do not have profiles in every platform if you don’t have time to maintain them

2. Be consistent in your approach, write daily or weekly

3. Mix your information; commercial & educational

4. Offer discounts and incentives

5. Include a Call for Action in every other post

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