Management from Bedroom to Boardroom

 Have you ever thought about yourself of being a manager in your life? Being one does not necessarily include having the title itself, but rather the ability to delegate tasks to others.

Whether you are single, a stay at home mum, an entrepreneur or a 9-5 worker, no matter what – in order to get more done in the available time you should start appointing tasks to members of your team or family.

Situation Leadership Naomi Mc Laughlan

In business there is a term called Situation Leadership, it’s based on the combination between;

1. The amount of direction a manager gives,

2. The amount of socio emotional support employees need,

3. The level of ability of employees, for example the ability to perform a specific task, function, activity or objective that the manager is attempting to accomplish through the individual or group.

This system or technique can be used at home as well, by listing all jobs / chores on a weekly or monthly basis and coordinating those to the suitable family member.

I for example have a weekly to-do list for my three children, on which they find tasks like setting the table for dinner or vacuuming the ground floor etc. This gives me more time for other things, while my children learn important life skills at the same time.

For my business I do it in a similar fashion, for example by listing every task I can delegate to my virtual assistant, which needs to be done per day, week and month. By doing this I have more time for income generating activities, instead of wasting valuable time.

I have created a Prezi  for this matter,  which illustrates the idea of Situation Leadership for businesses, but also for family life.


All the Best,

xxx Naomi

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P.S.:  My apologies, for not writing last week – My sis had her baby and I travelled to good old Germany to pay the lovely, new arrival a cuddly visit. Unfortunately though, my  time schedule went down the drain…



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