Have You Got a Book In You?

Dont dream publish naomimclaughlan.comThought about writing a book? In the US almost 300,000 books get published each year, in the UK about 150,000 titles and editions. That’s amazing isn’t it? Means you will have a fair chance of becoming a published author too! Either through traditional publishing or you chose the road of self-publishing.

If you have already started or finished your book, than congratulations! All you need to do now is to find an agent, because most traditional publishers do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Finding one these days is easier than you might imagine just Google terms like #Publishing Agent or #Publishing Agent in the UK or US or the country you currently live in.

Self-publishing is your other option, but you need to keep in mind that if you don’t invest in an editor or cover designer  you will have to work on your book from start to finish. All you need to invest is your time and effort and with help of family members and friends who might be able to proofread your book and make suggestions you can make it possible. Another search through the internet will give you hundreds of printers who offer print-on-demand, which basically means you can order only a few books at the time. But please consider the costs, the more copies you order the cheaper it becomes. If you want your book to be available through book stores you have to invest in an ISBN number and barcode, those can be obtained from some book publishers online as well.

Some publishers offer self-publishing packages, which cost between £200/$325 to £2000/$3250 or more and can include editing, cover design, ISBN registration, barcode, press releases, and social-media marketing. They practically make your book ready to print and help you to advertise it, but you have to invest in the printing of your book.

The Top 3 Worldwide Bestsellers Genres are:

1. Cook Books

2. Diet / Weight Loss Books

3. How-To Guides / Self-help Books

So what are you waiting for? If I can do it – YOU CAN TOO!!!

Business Strategies on a budget cover naomimclaughlan

P.S.: My book new book ‘Business Strategies for Start-Ups on a Shoestring Budget’  will be available in January 2014.

I am happy to review your book, just drop me an email at: info@naomimclaughlan.com

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