SMART versus Bubble

Smart Goals naomimclaughlan

Have you written your New Year Resolution yet? Great!

If not, take your time to reflect on the past year first. Consider what has worked for you and also what has not worked so well. Try to avoid doing the same mistake twice.  Do not expect any form of change, if you do not change your behaviour or attitude.

Then try to narrow your goals to a specific number, for me it is ten. I have written 10 specific goals down, which I am working towards in 2014. Make sure to use the SMART rule; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. Losing 50kg in 2 month would not pass the SMART rule – Beginning an exercise program and changing an unhealthy diet to a wholesome and healthy one in order to lose 0,5kg per week would!

It is very important to review your goals regularly, to avoid disappointment at the end of the year. It is entirely up to you and your efforts how far you will get and how many goals you can cross of your list.

Remember that you are in charge of any goals you set for yourself and that blaming others for any type of failure does not help you.

Hang your list somewhere where you see it daily, to give yourself a visual reminder on what you want to achieve this year.

Please let me know What has worked for you in the past? and What kept you on track? 

I wish you all the Best of Luck for 2014!

Naomi xxx


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