Spring Clean Your Health

When thinking of spring clean, often the first and only thing that comes to mind is our home, while disregarding our health completely. But isn’t it much more important to look after body, mind and soul? Life can be so stressful and cluttered and after long dark winter months, we might need to rejuvenate ourselves with sunlight, fresh food and exercise.Spring Clean Your Health by Naomi Mc Laughlan

So let’s look at each aspect a bit closer…

Your Body:

What do you eat and drink? Think of calories, fat, and sugar content in your diet. How high or low in fibre and nutrients is your food?

Fill up your fridge with seasonal great tasting veggies & fruits like; spring onions, rocket, Elderflowers, spinach, watercress, new potatoes, radish, asparagus, early strawberries, apricots, grapefruit, and rhubarb!

A mild form of fasting, cutting calories to a minimum of 500-800 a day, once a week or for up to 5 days, can help you to detox your body, as studies suggest that it can be beneficial to reduce blood sugar levels and blood fats.* You might even loose that ‘Muffin top’ along as well 😉

Do you smoke? If so, could you cut it back or cut it out completely? You know it’s better for your health, don’t you?

Have you scheduled screenings and doctor appointments yet?  Don’t forget to sort through your medicine cabinet and refill your first-aid box. What about your teeth? I, for instance, have to get a filling replaced because I grain my teeth when asleep. If you do as well, ask to get a mouth guard fitted to safe your teeth from wearing down.

Your Mind & Soul:

Think about what’s on your mind most, for example money worries or a stressful work- or home life. Is there an area that could or should be changed, adapted or accepted by you? List everything and try to work it out and don’t shy away from asking for help from a professional coach or counsellor or your support network. Regular relaxing activities, like yoga, walks or meditation can also help you to relax and de-stress your mind.

You might wind up when you watch the news, as 90% of news are of negative or upsetting nature, why not cut down the amount of time or occasions you read or watch local or international news on TV, the paper or the internet?

Regular aerobic exercise, like walks, jogs or runs outside will not only allow you to burn of stored fat and reduce the risk of many health issues, but also help you to increase your general vitality.

When you are looking after yourself, also evaluate your children’s health and inspire your partner to look after him/herself too!

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All the Best,

Naomi xxx

This post is part of a 4-part ‘Spring Clean’ series, if you have missed the other posts read them here: https://naomimclaughlan.wordpress.com/2014/03/19/spring-clean-your-home/ and https://naomimclaughlan.wordpress.com/2014/03/12/spring-clean-your-business/

P.S.: Don’t miss next weeks ‘Spring Clean Your Relationships’

*Always consult your medical doctor or GP prior to starting any weight loss diets or exercise regimes.


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