Münster #1 Germany’s Bicycle City Fitness & Family friendly Holiday

Muenster NaomiMcLaughlan.com 1aDid you know where I was born? Good guess!  Yes, in Münster  #1 Germany’s Bicycle City, in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Despite leaving good old Germany 4 years ago to travel the world, I still love going back each year not only to meet family and friends, but also to explore the city by bike.NaomiMcLaughlan.com Bike Pic a



Germany is bicycle friendly, but Münster is exceptionally equipped with cycle tracks, special traffic light systems that give priority to pedestrians and riders, and even covering rural areas outside town centre with safe paths.  A highlight is the bike indoor parking station with space for 3.500 bikes (located at the main train station, see pic) where you can leave yours in secure storage, get it professionally cleaned or repaired and rent a bike for as little as $11 / £6.50  a day.

Muenster NaomiMcLaughlan.com 3a

5 Quirky Things about Münster & Bikes

1. “Masematte” is a regional sociolect, well documented since 1870 and still spoken in Münster  (yes, I peak it too ;-))

2. “Leeze” is the Masematte word for Bike

3. In the “Jugendverkehrsschule” also known as “Verkehrskindergarten” children, as little as 3, learn and practise to ride a bike in a miniature outdoor road traffic school

4. The Peace of Westphalia, ending the Thirty Years’ War in Europe, was a series of peace treaties (between the Dutch Republic and the Kingdom of Spain) signed between May and October 1648 in Osnabrück and Münster

5. You can ride or walk around the whole town centre taking the safe late medieval ‘promenade’ (see pic)Muenster Promenade NaomiMcLaughlan.com a


My favourite places in Münster :

  • The fresh fruit & veg market in town on Saturdays and Wednesdays mornings
  • The huge St. Lambert’s Church (see pic) in town, which is a great place to explore history
  • The Aa Lake, where you can take a pedal boat tour – my kids favourite
  • Take a carriage ride (see pic)

Muenster NaomiMcLaughlan.com 2 a


So whether you are planning to increase your historic IQ, your fitness or just want to eat a Curry- Bratwurst (German grilled sausage with curry powder) along with a cold ‘Altbierbowle mit Erdbeeren’  (top-fermented dark beer mixed with strawberries),

I highly recommend visiting my home town, if you ever plan to travel to Germany! Find out more about Münster here.

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