Free Resources for Home-schoolers from Preschool to Higher Education

For any homeschooling family, mine included, there comes a point where you need to consider all the costs of teaching your kids at home, as you not only have to invest into books, materials and field trips, but also heavily in (high) childcare costs. Therefore the more you can safe on unnecessary expenditure – the better!Think outside the Box NaomiMclaughlan

There are many no- and low cost ways you can use to integrate into your home education curriculum, online as well as offline. Luckily, since the internet has become viral and made educational material available around the clock, provided from international resources, I believe it has given each Home Educator a great toolbox of possibilities. The list is endless, therefore I will provide you with online-based sources and which I have personally made great experiences with.

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Free Resources for Children age range 3-15 Years:


Free Kindle books for children


Information and activity worksheets as well as interactive exercises in National Curriculum Subjects


Games, Activities and Worksheets

Google Play Store

Free Education Apps

Nick Junior

Games, Activities and Worksheets!


Homeschooling professionalhomeeducatoracademy

Free Resources, including Certification and Diploma Courses for Teenagers and Young Adults, age 16+ :

ALISON Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online

600+ courses, from level 1-5. The course material is free, but certificates and diplomas have to be paid for.


More than 9100 free kindle books in various categories


Various courses from academic knowledge for adults and children to job specific skills and knowledge, online and free

Online at:

Future Learn

Various courses, often from UK Universities at a Certificate Level 1 and 2 Education and Learning

General website to direct interested learners, including course finder and grants

Home and Learn

Basic to medium level computer skills and knowledge

The Open University

Various free courses with the option to sit exams and gain recognised qualifications

The National Careers Service

Free help and advice in finding free courses

Vision 2 Learn

Free level 1 and 2 courses to people aged 19+ who live in England or EU, work-related qualification accredited by OCR, Edexcel, Lifetime Awarding, NCFE or City & Guilds


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5 thoughts on “Free Resources for Home-schoolers from Preschool to Higher Education

    • Hi Cristina,

      First of all thank you for your comment.

      Let me elaborate, depending on the age of your child or children and whether you work or not you might require regular childcare. I assume that most home educators do want to spend some time away from their children on a regular basis, for example to socialise with friends or take part in adult centred hobbies etc.
      In addition to the traditional childcare in form of a babysitter, nanny, au pair or childcare setting you might find that many homeschooling parents have their children take part in after school clubs or hobby groups to socialise as well, which along with the traditional childcare can add up to a great amount of money.
      Do you require regular childcare, and if so how do you consider the financial aspect of it? Does it make a big difference or do you think it finances itself, as you save money on school uniforms or similar?

      • Thank you for taking my question in earnest and not finding me impertinent. If was, indeed, asked in all seriousness. 🙂

        Honestly, I have never used childcare. Our children are with us almost constantly. We do participate in a few outside activities, but most, I am blessed to say, are fairly low or non-existent in cost. (One of the blessings of living in a large city, where so much is at our disposal.) On those occasions when we choose to go out, which doesn’t tend to be too often, that is what family and friends are for. We all exchange watching each other’s kids and don’t charge anything. Usually my mother-in-law takes our kiddos and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

        To be honest, I don’t know of a single homeschool parent here in Cali that pays for childcare. We all use the resources we have on hand and help each other out. My heart goes out to those who do not have this camaraderie.

        Generally, not as a rule mind you, I find that most of us homeschool parents WANT to be with our kids. Do we like date nights every once in a while; yes. However, very few of use NEED a regular day away from our kids. We do this because we like being here and because we love being with our children. When we do care to socialize with other adults, we just have everyone over! The kids entertain themselves and we get to mingle. On those rare occasions when we want to host an ‘adult only’ event; that is when family or other friends are called in to help.

        As for saving money… we don’t do uniforms here in Cali, unless you go to an upscale private school. Most of our services are fairly reasonable as well. We are actually quite blessed with being able to educate our children for a very reasonable amount of money.

        It isn’t always easy, living on one income, but most of make it work just fine.

        Thank you for the OP; it definitely gave me something to think about!

      • Wow, that’s great to hear, you are truly blessed!
        Having friends and family members around who assist you with free childcare is wonderful.

        Unfortunately though, this cannot be said for many other home educators, I for instance, do need regular childcare as I am not only a home educator but also run my own biz. It would be quiet inappropriate to take kids to business meetings, seminars and so on. In my local ‘Home Ed’ group we have several parents who both work (most part time / full time) or even have their own firms as well. With a well-planned strategy and enthusiasm it works superb and even teaches children a lot about structure and commitment, business skills included. 😉

        From connecting with many hundred international homeschoolers I know that some live far from grandparents away or have lost them already, some are single parent households and have friends who either work fulltime or who have other commitments and therefore cannot help out as much or at all.

        I wouldn’t say that parents need time away, but from my prospective it creates a healthy relationship to have some ‘me’ time, as I don’t think that being around each other 24/7 is neither necessary nor good.

        Depending on the event including the whole family is great, but let’s say a ‘dinner night’ with your spouse, cinema or ‘girlfriends night out’ are times you do need someone reliable to look after your little ones.

        Anyway, it’s great connecting with you Cristina!

      • I see your point. I suppose I consider ‘me time’ after the kiddos are in bed. Once they are asleep, I am free to do whatever I’d like and relax a little more.

        I also have the added benefit of having my man work at home. If I need to step out, he is usually available; even if he is working. Plus, my mother-in-law is right down the way and she is always willing to help out.

        Having friends and family close is truly a blessing; one we should never take for granted.

        So, you run your own business? What business do you own? That is quite industrious of you, especially with homeschooling. Both take a lot of dedication and time. Good for you!

        While I too have had the privilege of meeting quite a few people online in the homeschooling world, this is one topic we have not discussed before. I appreciate learning more about other’s struggles and concerns. It helps me better understand them and know how to pray for the. Thank you for that.

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