Social Media Marketing – Don’t do this – Do that

I love social media and I find that especially for businesses and in particular start-up company’s social networks can be the key to get more exposure for your products and services, for a very low investment of time and resources, compared to traditional methods of advertising.

Social Media Marketing with Naomi Mc Laughlan


I have created the ‘Social Media Marketing – Don’t do this – Do that’, video training series to help you safe time and energy on social media, so that marketing does not strain you, but enhances your business activities in a positive way. All videos are short, between 2-8 minutes, and allow you to make a ‘health check’ on the social media channels you use for your firm and give you easy to implement strategies and new ideas.





Both Episodes below were published on this past Monday and in the previous week. So if you haven’t seen them yet, here they are:

Episode 1


Episode 2


I will publish a new training video on YouTube every ‘Marketing – Monday’, so if you haven’t already; SUBSCRIBE* to my YouTube Channel TODAY, as I will not include all the videos on the blog!

All the Best,


P.S.: *If you use your curser mouse and go over the YouTube sign, on the lower left corner of the video, a little ‘watch on YouTube’ button will appear and it will take you to my channel – and all you need to do next is: hit SUBSCRIBE 😉

If you know someone who might benefit from my new video series, please send them a link of this post or the YouTube link of my channel! Thanks 😉


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