9 Steps to a Successful Homeschool

Professional Home Educator Academy 3

6 years ago when I started looking into homeschooling my 3 children, I was overwhelmed what had been published about the subject online and offline. I found that under many un-useful tips and ideas the one’s I could actually use for our family, were only a handful and took me months to find, as there was and still is such an overload on information.

Profesional Home Educator Academy 1The today’s (23rd July 2014) list of results on Google were 4,540,000 with the search term ‘homeschooling’, when using other spelling methods and word  like ‘home-schooling’, ‘home education’ or ‘home-ed’ I gathered millions of more websites, articles and other information.

Since summer ’13, I offer parents and carers who experience similar overwhelming and confusing challenges a solution which will help to save time and money.

The below video is a recording from our last live webinar training, in which I go through all 9 steps to create a successful homeschool environment, which I hope will allow you to get started much easier.

If you head over to the Professional Home Educator Academy website, you will find another 5 Q&A training videos and you can sign up for the program, if you feel that this program is for you.

All the Best,


P.S.: If you have any questions in regards to the Professional Home Educator Academy video training program, please send an email to: info@professionalhomeducatoracademy.com


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