You will NEVER become a Millionaire, if you don’t…

Yes, I admit that’s a harsh way of starting of an article, but please bear with me for a few minutes and read on, I would really appreciate it – I believe & hope so will you 😉Millionaire NaomiMcLaughlan

Many people hope to become a millionaire; it’s one of their biggest dreams, if not even the biggest. Unfortunately though, these individuals do not spend a second making a plan or considering the steps it takes to succeed in their pursuit.

Some might even believe that making a ‘wish’ will eventually help…

You will NEVER become a millionaire, if you

  1. …Don’t think of the ‘why’

Is it the life style or are you seeking happiness? If so, I am guessing that you are aware of many celebrities who are anything but happy, despite the lifestyle or glamour. So what is it for you?

  1. … Don’t stop overspending, e.g. piling up credit card debts

If you live like a millionaire, including driving a car you cannot afford or shop until your cards reach their limit, you will have no money to invest in a venture that actually increases your income.

  1. …Don’t work on your own dream, but someone else’s

If you work in a 9-5 job, it might be almost impossible to ever make a £1/$1 million (or any other currency), as you will find that there is certainly an income ceiling you will reach. If you create a service or product based business, for example, you will increase your chances thousandfold.

  1. …Don’t Plan, Take Action and Readjust

Consider the 5W’s:

Who do you want to serve (Customers, Clients etc.)?

What do you have to offer (Service, Products, and Solutions etc.)?

When do you want to reach your financial goals?

Where is the best place to provide what you have to sell?

Why do you want to succeed? – Having a strong answer, will help you to focus in difficult times.

Dream Big NaomiMcLaughlan

Did you know that fewer than 25 percent ever received “an act of kindness” of $10,000 or more from their parents, grandparents, or other relatives? Amazing right, that said it shows that tenacity and a self-driven person can achieve anything really.

How to make 1 NaomiMcLaughlan

Take action, by asking yourself the following questions and plan your future accordingly;

If you haven’t already, what do you need to start your own business?

How many products / services would you have to sell?

How many hours could you teach, coach or speak?

Could you scale your service, by for example teaching a group instead of 1on1?

Could you offer a package?

When was the last time that you raised your prises?

I am aware that this topic is endless and there are many aspects I have not covered in this post, so I will definitely encourage you on other occasions again; to plan, take action, readjust and succeed!

In any case, I wish you the best of luck (and determination) in reaching your goal!

All the Best,



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