Valentine’s Day 2015

Naomi Mc Laughlan

Valentines Love by NaomiMcLaughlan

Did you know that the 14th February was declared by Pope Gelasius to be named Valentine’s Day as an honour to St. Valentine? St. Valentine was sentenced to death (for marrying young couples), by Claudius Gothicus II, a Roman Emperor, because he banned marriage due to his believe that unmarried men make better soldiers. The festival originated from the ancient fertility festival Lupercalia, which was later Christianised by the Catholic Church. From 1300 the Valentine’s Day was associated with love and romance.

Today Valentines is the most famous holiday in the US, 62 % Americans celebrate it each year, and spend an average of $130 per person on cards and gifts for their loved ones. 6 million people pop the question ‘Will you marry me?’ on Valentine’s Day!

The Top 4 Valentine Gifts are:

1. Chocolate

2. Flowers

3. Jewellery

4. Dinner

Even though sugar candy, gifts, and short breaks…

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