3 Key Elements Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups need to create a Successful Business

3 Key Elements NaomiMclaughlanElement Number 1: Business Planning

As an entrepreneur or business it is vital to start planning every aspect of your venture, in order to be prepared for any circumstance.

Element Number 2: Funding

Start-up cost and initial operational costs can add up quickly, so considering these areas of your business can make it or break it.

How are you going to fund your business?

Top 12 List to Acquire Start-up Funding:

  1. Your savings
  2. Family members
  3. Friends
  4. Joint Venture Partners (JVP’s)
  5. Personal bank loan
  6. Business start-up loan
  7. Grant (government or charity)
  8. Crowdfunding site (e.g. Indigogo.com or Kickstarter.co.uk)
  9. Angel investor
  10. Venture capitalist
  11. Credit Card
  12. Self-funding from other sources of income (e.g. employment or passive income streams)

Element Number 3: Pitch Deck

If you have decided to try to convince someone to invest in your business idea, you may have to present more than just your business plan. A pitch deck can be prepared using data and visuals from your plan and business, so that you can leverage the use of multimedia to enhance your presentation.

I hope this article will help you in your approach to making a great start with your business.

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