Finish 2015 Strong! – 31 Day Challenge

31 Day Challenge NaomiMcLaughlan

What goals and aims did you plan for 2015, but haven’t had time to get to them yet?

Goals NaomiMcLaughlanI, for example, have planned to blog on a regular, weekly basis, I planned to work out every day, to sort through the clutter in our house, to visit friends and family I haven’d seen for a while, to spend more quality time with the kids, to sell all the unwanted items in our home, to finish writing another book I started, to practice French and Twi,…but some of the things just didn’t happen yet, because I was so busy (or too lazy ;-)).

So I challenge you and myself, not to hustle in this festive season, but to create a list of things you ‘Do’ want to get to, in the next 31 days!

You may want to characterise your list into the following sections:

  • Family
  • Health
  • Friends & Extended Family
  • Home
  • Work
  • Hobbies

I will post an update and some ideas for you on a daily basis for the next 31 days, that on of my commitments. What is yours? Are you up for the challenge?

Get Ready – Set – Go!

All the Best & Speak to you tomorrow,


P.S.: By the way, this is by all means not an attempt to make you feel unaccomplished!

This is however, an attempt to encourage you to do the things you want without the feeling that ‘It is too late’ for whatever it may be.

Plus, I believe 31 days are a perfect time frame to conclude this year in a positive spirit!


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