What does Quality Time look like for you? – 31 Day Challenge / Day 4

It is not Quantity Naomi Mc Laughlan

According to Collins Dictionary (2015) Quality Time means “…people spend quality time together, they spend a period of time relaxing or doing things that they both enjoy, and not worrying about work or other responsibilities.”

Hot Chocolate Naomi Mc LaughlanFor me quality time means spending time with my kids, family members and friends, drink hot white chocolate while reading a new book, a walk on the beach or a holiday somewhere warm (mostly any beach or lake in Ghana, like the pic above).


So how does quality time look for you?

If you are like me, it feels like you never get enough, so my newest tech discovery may be of help for you…

The new smartphone ‘QualityTime’ app , created by a team of developers at ZeroDesktop, Inc., based in Silicon Valley, may be the right fix for your lack of quality time.

The app helps you to keep track on how much time you spend on social media and allows you to set alarms to remind you to go on a ‘digital diet’, so that you finally get time to do what you actually want to do.

Let me know what you think.

All the Best & Speak to you tomorrow,

Naomi xxx

P.S.: By the way, I am not affiliated with ZeroDesktop, but I appreciate their app and the use of it.



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