Home Education is a Choice for Freedom – 31 Day Challenge / Day 9

Home Education Equals Freedom Naomi Mc Laughlan

For most parts of the world Home Education is elective and does not require parents or carers to use the National Curriculum or other formal mainstream school regulatory elements.

I have initially chosen to home-school two of my children in 2008, when they were 11 and six years old, because we moved away from Germany to England. In Germany my eldest child went to a mainstream school, as Germany does not allow home education.

In the United Kingdom, on the other hand I was surprised to find out how easy it was to de-register a child from mainstream school, which in most cases is sufficient to do with a two sentence letter; stating the name of your child and the date you wish to withdraw him or her from the school. Another fact I discovered was that we were free to choose any subjects we wished and the only ‘real’ legal requirement was, and still is, that ‘a child from the age of 5 receives a full-time education’.

There are many advantages of home education, which include:

  • Free choice of subjects (in almost every country in which home-schooling is optional)
  • Easy to start and set up
  • Individual lesson plans
  • Ideal for a child with special needs
  • Free of typical mainstream problems, including low teacher – child ratio or social issues like bullying, harassment or peer pressure

The only disadvantage I have found when I started out was that there was no directional guide which I could follow, so at the beginning it was a bit trial and error, as we all had to get used to the situation and try to of create an inspirational environment that engaged my kids to enjoy learning at home.

This has led me to write my own lesson plans and to take part in classes myself to learn about how best to teach and plan lessons in accordance with the needs of each individual child. I really enjoyed that learning process!

We moved  a few times over the past couple of years, due to job related opportunities to Germany, Ghana and the UK and each time, as long as it was possible, I chose to continue to teach my kids at home.

After I also started to home-school my third child when she tuned 5, I founded the “Professional Home Educator Academy“, a virtual platform for parents who want to learn how to create a successful home school environment in August 2013. The online training program is designed to give parents and carers a clear guide how to create an individual teaching approach for each child, because that’s is what I found to be the ‘missing link’.

{Proud Mommy Moment 😉 }

My son currently studies at a UK University to complete a BA (Hons)  in Graphic Design from home, while my older daughter has jointed a local high school to finish her secondary education.

I am still teaching my youngest at home and I would always do it the same way again, because it is very rewarding to being involved in the skills and knowledge development of my children.

All the Best & Speak to you tomorrow,

Naomi xxx


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