How to get Super Sleek Frizz Free Hair – 31 Day Challenge / Day 21

Frizz Free Hair Naomi Mc Laughlan


Naomi Mc Laughlan Super Frizz Free Hair beforeIf you have ever wondered how some women get their hair sooooo super sleek and frizz free, I have to admit that before starting to use relaxer cream it puzzled me too. I used to assume that they must have spent hours with a hair straightener or have just left a salon.

I tried many different products over the years now and I have realised that there are only a few good ones out there.

Dark and Lovely Products are my favourite, because they give you everything you need; the kit includes relaxer cream, shampoo and balm, for just a fiver.

I buy the relaxer kit either from the internet or from the local Afro Shop.

My hair is usually a bit dry for a week or two. So I make sure that I don’t wash it as often and I also use a special hair moisturiser (Pink Oil) for the first week after relaxing, to restore the moisture of my hair.

Depending on how fast my hair grows I relax the roots about every 3 to 4 month.


Naomi Mc Laughlan Super Frizz Free Hair after


This is how I relax my hair;

Step Nr. 1      Read the safety instructions.

Step Nr. 2     Put on the gloves. The mixed cream is very irritating on your skin.

Step Nr. 3     Mix Nr.1 Relaxer cream &  Nr.2 Cream Activator. Use the wooden spatula for it in a non-metallic bowl. Make a patch test on your arm first, if you are using a relaxer for the first time.

Step Nr. 4      Part your hair in at least 4 sections. I use plain ribbons for this.

Step Nr. 5        Apply the cream to all you hair sections.Start from the roots into the length.

Step Nr. 6        Comb your hair with very fine comb. Check the appropriate leave-in time, according to your hair you will find suggestions in the leaflet.

Step Nr. 7       Let another person assist you to wash out the relaxer cream. Wash the cream throughout with just water first, then use the shampoo and wash it at least twice. Keep your eyes closed.

Step Nr. 8        Apply the Restoring Balm. I usually leave it in my hair for at least 5 minutes, before I wash it out.

Step Nr. 9       Dry & Style your hair as usual.

I hope you like your new look.

Let me know what you think.

All the Best & Speak to you tomorrow,

Naomi xxx

P.S.: I am not affiliated with Dark and Lovely and I have not been paid  to review their products. I have used it for many years now though, as I think it works really well on curly hair, while leaving it glossy and shiny.

By the way, this blog post was initially published in 2013 here on my WP blog, but I thought it may still be of interest for you, while I have updated it a little.




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