How to make Word Clouds – 31 Day Challenge / Day 24

How to make Word Clouds Naomi Mc Laughlan

Last night we had fun with word clouds…

Together with my daughters I brainstormed words we could use to create a Christmasy themed word cloud  and we came up with the following 44 words:

Love Family Peace Holiday Christmas Food Joy Fun Jesus Merry Mistletoe Children Daughter Father Mother Son Presents Turkey Candy Cane Stockings Peppermint Hot Chocolate Santa Wine Winter Snow Frost Sleigh Bells Reindeer Red Scarf Green White Treat Sweater Home Warm Music Carrot Flake Cookies Milk

We found two different free word cloud website generators and played around with the font, colour, size, layout, focal point, first with WordItOut, with which we generated 10 different styles;

Xmas Word Cloud Naomi Mc Laughlan


We tried out another 16 styles and colour schemes with WordCouds, which offers the options to change the shape, colour scheme, size, font, flatness, and widen and tighten gaps between words.


Both word cloud generators are easy to navigate, whereby the latter needs you to fill words in along with numbers, Xmas Word Cloud Naomi Mc Laughlan examplewhich is initially inserted and you can add your words at the place where the example words are.






I think word clouds can have many uses, for example to visually enhance your marketing copy, for a school, college or University project or to create a unique greeting card for your loved ones. In any case, they are really enjoyable and entertaining to craft and they don’t take long to make either.

Do you like my word clouds?

If so, you can use download them here.

No login or sign up required! 

Let me know what you think.

All the Best & Speak to you tomorrow,

Naomi xxx

P.S.: I am not affiliated with either of the two word cloud creator providers, but I appreciate their free service.


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