Shut all Gremlins Up – To Succeed with your New Year’s Resolution – 31 Day Challenge / Day 31

Gremlins Naomi Mc Laughlan

According to a study conducted by the University of Scranton, Journal of Clinical Psychology (2015), only 8% are successful in achieving their New Year’s Resolution. The study also found that losing weight takes the top priority, followed by getting organized, becoming money savvy and enjoying life.

There may be many reasons why people cannot stick to their New Year’s Resolution, of which I have experiences the so called ‘Gremlins’ play a huge role.

There are inner and outer Gremlins who may sabotage your efforts and willpower to set goals for yourself and actually success in accomplishing those.

Inner Gremlins include:

  • Self-doubt
  • Self-conciseness
  • Negative Self- talk
  • Dwelling on past failures
  • Fear of Failure
  • Self-pity

You may recognise your inner Gremlins leading your  inner conversations like this:

  • I can’t do it
  • I am not worth it
  • I must be perfect
  • I am not good enough
  • Nobody loves
  • Nobody believes in me
  • I must not make a mistake…

Outer Gremlins include:

  • Discouraging words by others
  • Getting reminded of past failures
  • Naysayers
  • Jealous people

You may recognise outer Gremlins who say something like:

  • Are you really sure about it?
  • It didn’t work last time you tried
  • Have you checked and double checked all the facts?
  • I don’t think you are up for this…

Whether inner or outer Gremlins – Shut them up!

They are not helpful or encouraging you to fulfill your dreams.

Raise your inner spirit and chances to succeed, by listing everything that you have accomplished in 2015.

This will allow you to shift your focus from failure to success.

Let me know what you think.

Have a Happy New Year & Speak to you soon Happy New Year NaomiMclaughlan

Naomi xxx

P.S.: I hope you have enjoyed the 31 Day Challenge. I certainly have! I am actually surprised how well it went, as I received appreciative comments, likes and shares from you – THANK YOU! And I have been able to keep up with my daily posts (although, at times there were really late…-Shut up inner Gremlin!).


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