Homeschooling and Socialization – YES it works!


Toys on a Bench Naomi Mc Laughlan

When I initially started home educating my three children, many people asked me repeatedly whether my kids lack socialization due to being at home. After some time it really drove me nuts, having to explain to everyone that first of all they are three anyway, so they obviously have each other at home to start off with, and in addition even when they were younger they had quite an active day including being outside. I taught them in the morning, so we were either at home or we would make trips to the local zoo, beach, forest, park or swimming pool, depending on how it fit into their lesson plans.

Kitchen Toys Naomi Mc LaughlanWe lived in a large neighborhood, so after the mainstream schools finished in the early afternoon there were plenty of children outside, so of cause my kids joined them as well. In addition, I organised plenty of playdates, we organised the neighborhood Halloween party one year and my kids had sleepovers with their friends. In addition, each child has found a hobby club, so again a great opportunity to make friends and socialise, while doing something they love.  At weekends we would have family over, for example my sisters and their kids, and we joined the local family church morning session.

So overall, I believe children have endless opportunities to socialise whether they are in a mainstream school or are educated at home. After all, children do not get to choose who their classmates are in school and may only pick one or two kids as their friends anyway, while  homeschooled children have the option to socialize solely with children they really like. As talking during classes is prohibited by teachers with a ‘Shh, we don’t talk during lessons’, main-streamers are left with recess (break time) only to socialize which accounts for few hours a day at most.


Here are 8 Ideas on

How to initiate new friendship opportunities for your home-schooled kids:


Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate mainstream schools as well, as I believe that each child is unique and may blossom in different environments at particular stages in life. And while I still teach my youngest daughter at home and my son studies at University online from home as well, my oldest daughter has joined the local high school.

If you are thinking of starting your homeschool journey, I invite you to check out the Professional Home Educator Academy, which is an online based training that shows you how to get started or organised, if you have started but feel lost.

Let me know what you think,

All the Best,

Naomi xxx



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