Why Content driven Multimedia Marketing Campaigns are the #1 Strategy for 2016

Content driven Markting Naomi Mc Laughlan

What is a content driven campaign?

A content driven campaign, as opposed to a sales campaign focuses solely on providing interesting information for a business customer or client. So instead of making sales announcements, the campaign is filled with facts, stories and how-to guides, which are interlinked with the product or service in question.

Why do we need a content driven campaign?        

A content driven campaign attracts more people to read through your marketing collateral or watch product videos, for example, as compared to pure sales letters or commercials that focus on the sale alone.

In regards to Social Media Marketing don’t forget that people love sharing content of companies and organisations who publish visual posts, articles and videos that may be of interest for their family members, friends and associates.

What to include in a content driven campaign

You may want to include;

  • Information, Benefits and other relevant attributes about your product or service
  • Fun facts
  • ‘More ways to use our product’ articles
  • ‘How-to’ articles
  • Interviews of current users
  • Explainer video (e.g. how to use the product)
  • Before and After shots (if applicable)
  • Information about complementary products or services that may be of interest
  • White papers
  • Share the ‘Bigger Picture’ story (e.g. short term to long term effect)
  • Statistics that relate to your product or service
  • Industry reports (maybe a part of it)

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All the Best,

Naomi xxx


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