How to create Social Tales for your Autistic Child


Social Tale Blog Post Naomi Mc Laughlan

Social tales are created to teach your child a skill, elaborate a situation or invite to consider usual and unusual events, for example a visit to the dentist, how to understand other people’s feelings and what their body language may communicate and much more.

I have created stories to explain and prepare my youngest child many times in the past and I have found them to be very helpful, as I have found that I can create them in minutes and re-use or adapt them if I have to for future use.

How to create a Social Tale in 5 Simple Steps;

Step 1 Consider one topic or topic area

Step 2 Write down one to three aspects you want your child to take away from the tale

Step 3 Outline the tale (the beginning,main part and end)

Step 4 Write simple, short and focused sentences that describe what happens or shall happen. You can personalize your tale by using your child’s name and by adding names of places or his or her favorite toys etc. to it. State the ‘best case scenario’ and make active, positive statements, rather than negative ones.

Step 5 Illustrate your tale or add clipart to enhance your message visually

You don’t have to be extremely creative, but rather focus on the main goals or objectives you are trying to accomplish, as the tale is meant to teach or explain, rather than entertain your child. Although, you may want to create a mix of stories, some which are more descriptive and others that show a situation in a more detailed approach.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a story for my little girl, because she was very anxious of noises, insects and the like. Initially, I created the text and asked my son to illustrate the pages just for us, but eventually realized that it may also help other children who are on the Autistic Spectrum and suffer from fears and phobias. Eventually the book was published in 2012 as ‘Judy no need to be scared’, and has since helped hundreds of children to overcome fearful situations through reading and listening to the story.Judy no need to be scared Naomi Mc Laughlan Kindle book cover

The book is available at Amazon, as a paperback or Kindle version, so I invite you to have a look.


All the Best,

Naomi xxx


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