10 Go-To Social Media Post Ideas – If you REALLY don’t know what to blog, talk or post about!

Naomi Mc laughlan Social Media Marketing aka Multimediamarketinggal
According to Statista (2018) experts project the number of global social network users to grow by 10.3% by the end of 2020, while between 2014 to 2018 global social network users to grew by 47.5%. Reaching a regional, national and international consumer base has never been easier, hence why it is even of greater importance to utilize Social Media for business purposes.
However, I am well aware that maintaining active Social Media profiles can be very difficult for some micro- and small business owners, especially if they are working alone, or only have one or a few members of staff. In these cases, posting across one’s Social Media platforms always comes last, which of cause is not beneficial.
Here is a list of things business owners around the globe tell me on a regular basis…
  • “I don’t know what to post on a daily basis!”
  • “I think my topics are too boring!”
  • “I really don’t know what to blog about!”
  • “I have nothing interesting to share!”
  • What if someone has already written about it?!”
And here are my answers;
  • There are endless topics you can cover, no matter what industry you are in, since there are always changes happening in your own business, as well as within your region, nationally and internationally alike.
  • Make your ‘boring’ topics interesting, by utilizing multimedia tools.
  • Check out the 10 Go-To Social Media Ideas below.
  • Behind the scenes, updates, your wins, your client wins, stories around your business and the list goes on…- there is always something you can share!
  • Put your own twist to a current topic, trend or news story, by sharing the relation to you and your brand.

Here are my 10 Go-To Social Media Ideas;

1. Newsletter excerpts; share part of your newsletter and invite your followers to join
your list, so that they don’t miss the next one. – Have you signed up to my newsletter yet? If not, click here.
Naomi Mc Laughlan Newsletter
2. Ask Alumni e.g. You Past Customers & Clients for Photos; you may want to
turn this into a contest, to increase participation.
3. Share a Secret; this may be a secret ingredient to your most favorite dish or a
process, or company ritual.
4. Share Memories; Facebook and Snapchat, for example, will automatically remind
you to share your memories, but of cause you can do so at any time and on any
channel. – Have you LIKED & FOLLOWED my Facebook Page yet? If not, follow this link.
The Power of Hashtags Naomi Mc Laughlan
5. Re-post content; Not everyone was there from the start, hence why you can re-post on a regular basis, which will also help you during those time in which you are too busy.
6. ‘Like, Follow, Share’; Community building posts are great to increase your
follower-ship, hence why you ALWAYS need to ask yourself if the content you share is relevant to your audience.
7. Introductory of new employees or new Clients; whenever you have a new employee share this in all media formats and in addition celebrate your clients (if they are happy for you to do so – always ask for consent!)
8. Community Event; even an online-based business is ultimately located in a
community, so share what is going on around you.
9. Use a Self-Explanatory Images; for example recipes, Quote Squares, Offers or other relevant content – Have you listened to my podcast yet? If not, follow this link.
Naomi Mc Laughlan Podcast
10. ASK!; Ask your followers what they would like you to share more of and then use
their feedback to produce such content.
I hope this post was helpful for you!
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