How to Start Your Podcast, in 8 Easy Steps


So you want to start your own podcast, but you don’t know how to get started? It is soooo much easier than you think!

How to Start Your Own Podcast, in 8 Easy Steps;

Step 1. Download an audio editing software (if you don’t have one yet)

I use Audacity, as I find it easy to use AND it is free.

🌐Here is the link to the official website;

However, you may have an audio editing software already installed or find another software product more suitable for your needs.

Step 2. Create an Intro and an Outro

An intro is a short introduction to your podcast, which you insert before every upcoming episode, e.g. “Welcome to my podcast…./ “, while the Outro, is basically saying goodbye, e.g. “Thank you for listening. Don’t forget to subscribe, comment, follow and share. Until next time; Good bye for now.”

Save your Intro and Outro in a separate file.

Step 3. Download the MP3 from all of your relevant videos

If you have created Facebook Live videos or recorded videos for other purposes, you can re-use the audio aspect of each of your recordings.

I use the following online based MP4 to MP3 Converter;

If you don’t have any videos that are relevant, create a list of topics of what you want to talk about and start recording your podcast from scratch instead.
Step 4. Cut and paste the MP3’s from your video’s between your Into & Outro

This part is fairly easy and the least time consuming; just open a new project within your audio software and add you Intro, then your MP3 (from your video), followed by the Outro and save your episode.

Step 5. Create a profile on SoundCloud is a free platform for podcasters. Think carefully about your custom URL, to make it easier for people to find you, so consider whether you want to name your profile using your name or use the name of your podcast.  Enable RSS feet sharing in your dashboard, to be able to cross-share your podcast to ITunes.

Step 6. Upload your finished podcast
Step 7. Sign up to ITunes podcast

If you want your podcast to be available in the ITunes store, you need to create your podcast listing and submit your first one episode for review. Don’t forget to connect it to your RSS feet from SoundCloud.

Step 8. Tell people about your new podcast

Share your new podcast with your followers, across all of your Social Media channels.

Please share your podcast with us, by adding your link in the comment section below!

All the Best,

Naomi x

P.S.: Have you listened and subscribed to my podcast yet?

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