Wake-up Call for ‘Hobby’ Entrepreneurs / Business Owners!

naomi mc laughlan tablet 2019

Ever so often I get contacted by business peeps who  seek help to FINALLY make (more) money, and not just make a sale once in a while. I believe that with the right knowledge applied, strategies and tactics in place, every business can become profitable over time, given that one sells quality products and/or services, which potential customers need or want, offered at the right price.

BUT starting, operating and growing a business is hard work! And that seems to be forgotten by so many, in particular who get the terms ‘business’ and hobby’ mixed up…

Just to be clear on the terminology;

A Hobby, according to the Oxford Dictionary is “An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.”

Whereby a Business, according to the Oxford Dictionary is a “Commercial activity….Trade considered in terms of its volume or profitability….A commercial operation or company.”

You may be wondering why I shared the ‘official’ terms with you, well that is because I have often shared how FUN running a business can be, and sometimes ‘feels’ like a hobby. However, the majority of operating a profitable business includes that whoever is in charge HAS TO DO THE WORK – or employ staff members and delegate the work, or outsource! This fact seems to surprise especially individuals who have turned their ‘hobby’ into a ‘business’, slowly realizing that a business does not run itself and one has to strategically plan and implement consistent action, to stay competitive in the market.

I also shared the terms, because I sometimes do wonder why a business owner would be surprised that new customers or clients don’t ‘just’ show up.

In particular in the beginning if you don’t have any employees yet, this may include ALL sales and marketing activities, preparing maintaining your premises (if you are location based), building and maintaining your website, answering emails, answering the phone, booking clients, selling products, providing the service, customer care, completing admin, keeping your accounts up to date and the list goes on and on.

I am well aware that it is a lot, BUT so long as you do not have the cash flow to either outsource some of the required activities or employ staff members, you will have to do it yourself.

🌐🛍💭 Therefore, if you want more customers and clients, you HAVE TO BE PROACTIVE!

🌐📌Do not sit around, wait and hope that someone will stumble upon your store or website!

🌐🚩✔Invest time and other resources to improve your marketing strategy and increase your activities across all your marketing vehicles.

🌐🚩✔Marketing & Sales is a Numbers Game! The more prospective customers and clients become aware of your offerings, the more opportunities you will have to make sales and ultimately increase your profits.

Here are 5 Ways to Increase Your Marketing & Sales Activities;

  1. Clarify WHO your ideal customer or client is
  2. Research WHERE your customers and clients usually hang out; both offline and online
  3. Research WHAT their pain points are, their aims and how those relate back to your offering
  4. Make a list of 50+ reasons WHY your products or service provides the best solution for your ideal customer or client. You can utilize your list for your marketing copy, when you speak to a prospect and to create blog articles and other forms of multimedia for all your marketing vehicles, including Social Media posts.
  5. Increase ALL your activities, across ALL your platforms, in particular via those platforms that are free, such as Word-of-Mouth promotions, asking your network and existing customers and clients for referrals and of cause on your Social Media channels. If you have posted only once a week on Social Media; start posting daily. If you have posted daily; post multiple times. However, make sure that you do not waste your marketing budget by overspending on adverts, if you cannot afford it. Instead focus on no- and low-cost ways to promote your business.


All the Best,

Naomi x

P.S.: This article comes from Me to You with Love and Care! Sometimes we all need a wake-up call, so please do not feel defeated, instead understand that all you need to do is; Focus on Your Goals & Keep on Keeping on! x


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