Listen, Learn & Apply Expert Advice, to FINALLY Succeed!

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Let me ask you something…

How many times have you asked an expert in their field for advice in the past?

How many seminars and workshops have you attended?

How many books are on your shelf?

How many times have you wondered WHY you are not getting ahead of things, although you have read, participated and listen to sooo much good advice from an experts?

Just to be clear; an expert in my opinion, is someone who has studied their field of expertise and/or has applied their expertise in his/her field successfully. Cambridge Dictionary elaborates an ‘Expert’ to be “a person with a high level of knowledge or skill relating to a particular subject or activity.” So, it is not your mum, friend, neighbor or someone else who has never done what you are trying to achieve. Although well meant, their ‘options’ are just that ‘opinions’, and are most likely not helpful.

Well, let me ask you another question;

Have you ever actually followed through with any of the advice you have been given?

No, no, no, I am not talking about those times you have started and stopped, or those times where you were half-in-half-out, and NO I am also not talking about those times where you have had a REASON to stop or shall we call them EXCUSES, prior to making any progress!

Have ever really put it ALL in?

What do you think will make you succeed?

From my experience, of being 18 years in business and the experiences of my clients, as well as from my years of in-depth study during my degrees, I can tell you that ‘Success leaves Clues!’ – All you got to do is follow through!

So here is what you need to finally succeed in your business;

  1. An Effective Business Plan, which guides your every decision, similar like a map to get you from your starting point to your goal, while adjusting your approach along the way.
  2. You need to Constantly Consider Strategic Innovation; Are there better methods of conducting your business? Think of all of your business areas, including you business operation, management, HR, Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Forecasting, Stock Keeping, Service Delivery and Customer Service etc.
  3. You need to Invest in Your Marketing; Marketing is the #1 corner stone in your business, since although you may have a world class product or service, if no one knows about it, you won’t sell much.
  4. Think of your Sales Systems; What are the sales drivers in your business? Where do you need to improve your strategy?
  5. Do not forget your Financials and Legal Aspects of Your Business; They can make and break your business.
  6. Constantly make sure that you Optimize Each of Your business Areas; for growth and increased profits.
  7. Finally, Make Sure that Your Customers and Clients LOVE Your Products and Services and Share Their Appreciation with Their Networks; This last step, of cause can only be achieved, IF you have set yourself up for success in regard to all the other aspects I have just mentioned.


So just to recap; If you speak to an expert or gain his/her views on their areas of expertise in another format, make sure you listen carefully, learn AND apply what you have learned throughout; otherwise you will stay where you are!

All the Best!

Naomi x

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