10 Go-To Social Media Post Ideas – If you REALLY don’t know what to blog, talk or post about!

Naomi Mc laughlan Social Media Marketing aka Multimediamarketinggal
According to Statista (2018) experts project the number of global social network users to grow by 10.3% by the end of 2020, while between 2014 to 2018 global social network users to grew by 47.5%. Reaching a regional, national and international consumer base has never been easier, hence why it is even of greater importance to utilize Social Media for business purposes.
However, I am well aware that maintaining active Social Media profiles can be very difficult for some micro- and small business owners, especially if they are working alone, or only have one or a few members of staff. In these cases, posting across one’s Social Media platforms always comes last, which of cause is not beneficial.
Here is a list of things business owners around the globe tell me on a regular basis…
  • “I don’t know what to post on a daily basis!”
  • “I think my topics are too boring!”
  • “I really don’t know what to blog about!”
  • “I have nothing interesting to share!”
  • What if someone has already written about it?!”
And here are my answers;
  • There are endless topics you can cover, no matter what industry you are in, since there are always changes happening in your own business, as well as within your region, nationally and internationally alike.
  • Make your ‘boring’ topics interesting, by utilizing multimedia tools.
  • Check out the 10 Go-To Social Media Ideas below.
  • Behind the scenes, updates, your wins, your client wins, stories around your business and the list goes on…- there is always something you can share!
  • Put your own twist to a current topic, trend or news story, by sharing the relation to you and your brand.

Here are my 10 Go-To Social Media Ideas;

1. Newsletter excerpts; share part of your newsletter and invite your followers to join
your list, so that they don’t miss the next one. – Have you signed up to my newsletter yet? If not, click here.
Naomi Mc Laughlan Newsletter
2. Ask Alumni e.g. You Past Customers & Clients for Photos; you may want to
turn this into a contest, to increase participation.
3. Share a Secret; this may be a secret ingredient to your most favorite dish or a
process, or company ritual.
4. Share Memories; Facebook and Snapchat, for example, will automatically remind
you to share your memories, but of cause you can do so at any time and on any
channel. – Have you LIKED & FOLLOWED my Facebook Page yet? If not, follow this link.
The Power of Hashtags Naomi Mc Laughlan
5. Re-post content; Not everyone was there from the start, hence why you can re-post on a regular basis, which will also help you during those time in which you are too busy.
6. ‘Like, Follow, Share’; Community building posts are great to increase your
follower-ship, hence why you ALWAYS need to ask yourself if the content you share is relevant to your audience.
7. Introductory of new employees or new Clients; whenever you have a new employee share this in all media formats and in addition celebrate your clients (if they are happy for you to do so – always ask for consent!)
8. Community Event; even an online-based business is ultimately located in a
community, so share what is going on around you.
9. Use a Self-Explanatory Images; for example recipes, Quote Squares, Offers or other relevant content – Have you listened to my podcast yet? If not, follow this link.
Naomi Mc Laughlan Podcast
10. ASK!; Ask your followers what they would like you to share more of and then use
their feedback to produce such content.
I hope this post was helpful for you!
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Are you ready to close 2018 with a BIG BANG?

Calendar 2018 Naomi Mc Laughlan

I know, I know…you may be thinking “…close 2018???..”It’s only mid-October, Naomi?!”

I hear you!

BUT as we only have 75 days left and for many businesses DECEMBER is THE MONTH that CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE to the BOTTOM LINE. Whether you sell products or services, focusing and planning on closing the year ahead of time is important!

Utilizing marketing and promotions, as you may already know, is something I am highly passionate about. Without a well-planned and executed marketing campaign, you may be overlooked by potential customers and clients.

I always recommend to my clients not to invest more than 10% of their overall marketing budget into pure advertising campaigns – BECAUSE ADVERTS HAVE A SHELF LIFE!!! Adverts are solely useful to create an initial interest among potential customers and clients, whereby thanks to the Web 2.0, any form of digital-based content marketing campaigns and multimedia will be available forever (or until the platform closes-up -shop or you delete your content).

So instead of wasting your cash on ads, invest the majority to create engaging, relevant and timely multimedia campaigns and utilize your Social Media channels. The greater the amount of content you share, the higher you organic ranking on any search engine will be. Furthermore, most internet sites receive about 75% of visitors from search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN. Google is the worldwide market leader in the search engine market. Because of this fact it is very important for every business to regularly update your website and to be proactively sharing great content on your website and Social Media pages and connect all sites, to create an information hub for your existing and potential customers and clients.

Today I want to encourage you to utilize the remaining 75 days in 2018 to promote your products and services, to make a BIG BANG!

Let me know what you think! What will you promote over the next months?


All the Best,

Naomi xxx

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Anne-Marie Wickham / The Ultimate Confidence Show interview with Naomi Mc Laughlan

My client and friend Anne-Marie Wickham, founder of the Essex Hypnotherapy Centre (www.essex-hypnotherapist.com),  interviewed me last Sunday for her web-based show ‘The Ultimate Confidence Show; Life Your Life without Limits’.

We spoke about what helps you to feel ultimately confident and what you can do to increase your confidence.


Let me know what you think, in the comment section below!


All the Best,


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Does your website #WOW Your Customers & Prospects???

Billa Media Website designed by Naomi Mc Laughlan

Website design and functionality are often misunderstood and underrated! Many websites I come across, appear to have been designed with no clear branding, direction of the customer journey and usefulness alike, which is obviously not helpful when you consider the ROI (Return on Investment) of it. And I am puzzled, how business owners wonder why their websites don’t convert interested prospects into happy customers.

When you think of your own website;

Do you know what’s missing on your website?

A great website offers your prospects, customers and clients a clear consumer journey, which in turn will allow you to utilize your website to create brand awareness and ultimately make sales.

Do you suffer from website shame?

When you are one of the people who are embarrassed to say YES to this question and rather not hand out their website details, you need to do something about it, RIGHT NOW!

Do you even have a website yet?

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Branded Website Development

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How to Create Your own Unique Clipart 



I am currently in the process of re-branding one of my new clients multimedia appearance, which includes to reverse-engineer the website, and to design and produce new header imagery for the website and Social Media, as well as for all marketing collateral. The old header image included a tree, yet since that is a very generic clipart, and this one was in particular, my clients wished for something different.

She loves tree frogs and what they stand for, so I researched tree frog imagery and clipart, but could not find any that may fit the new color scheme well.

This is what I have found and was not happy with…since they look cheap and too generic…




“If you can’t find it – Create it!”


So here is how I did it in a few steps, which you can apply to create Your own Unique Clipart;

1. Pick an image you like best

I chose images to start my editing process…



All images have their own advantages; while the first is much more color intense, the second has a transparent background already, which means that you have less editing to do, and the third has a white background.

2. Utilize your Magic Wand Tool or Transparent Background Tool

Depending what type of image you start of with, utilize your magic wand tool, which is available in any good graphic design software toolkit. If you don’t have a magic wand tool, you can use the rubber tool instead, however the outcome may be less professional, as I will show you in the below image;

As you can see, using the rubber tool means that you have to zoom in much more and work a little harder to get rid of the background.


3. Overlay an Art Filter


This step is fairly easy, if your graphic design software includes art filters, however if it doesn’t, you may have to add a 2nd mixed color blend layer on your image instead.

4. Cut out your image by utilizing your Magic Wand Tool or Transparent Background Tool


Rubber Tool vs TBT/Magic Wand


Once again if you have no magic wand tool or transparent background tool in your toolbox, the outcome is less impressive, however if you give yourself time to erase the background, it will work well too. Or if you use an image which has had a transparent background in the first place, you will save time and your outcome may be much better. In any case your image will be unique!


If you are interested in re-branding too, head over to my website to book your 1st Multimedia Marketing Session with me today; http://www.naomimclaughlan.com/more/multimedia-marketing-pr-consulting/

Happy Crafting!!!

All the Best,



PPS: We ended up not using the frog after all, hence why I am reusing him here to show you how you can create your own 😉 


Write A Book That Sells!

Write your Book Now Naomi Mc Laughlan
I have written 7 books so far,  two children books and five business books, 4 have become International Amazon Bestsellers! They not only made it into the Bestseller Lists across Europe and the US, but also into the Top 10 in Japan and Top 20 in Brazil!
Here are vital aspects you may want to consider;
1. Know your readers;

  • Are your readers male or female?
  • How old are your readers? What is their age range?
  • Are readers married, single, or divorced?
  • Where do your readers live?
  • What do your readers do for a living?
  • What other books/publications do they read?

Develop a profile that includes where they shop, what clubs they belong to, etc.
These elements will help you incorporate these aspects into your book and help you to create targeted marketing campaigns.

2. Know your market;

  • What’s the market like for your book?
  • Is there a trend out there you’re positioning yourself toward?
  • Have you undertaken research into the publications related to this topic/trend?
  • Are there any gaps in the literature, your book could fill?
  • What’s the future for this market/topic?
  • What do you know about trends related to your book/topic/audience?

3. Similar books;

  • What else has been published on your topic?
  • Have you read the leading books in your category?
  • Is your book portraying the topic in a different angle?

4. Getting and staying current;

  • What’s going on in your industry today?
  • What are some hot buttons?
  • What are people looking for?
  • What’s next on the horizon for this topic/audience?
  • Have you surveyed your target audience?

5. Follow the media;

  • What topics are currently covered in the media?
  • Do you see a trend being repeatedly covered?
  • Is there something that seems to be getting more buzz even if it’s on page six?

6. Talk & listen;

  • Talk about your book and listen to potential readers think of it.
  • Listen to what book reviewers appreciate and also what they view to be annoying.

7. Timing;

  • When do you plan to release your book?
  • Are you releasing around a holiday or anniversary?
  • Could you take advantage of any upcoming event and/or holiday for your book launch?

So you have dreamed of seeing your book published, but you don’t know how to get started?

No problem!

I am hosting a ‘Publish Your Book’ Workshop which you can view at any time on demand!

The workshop is for you, if you want to;

  • Publish a paperback book (or any other form of printed book binding),
  • Publish an audio book, or
  • Publish an eBook – or all three formats!

You will learn everything you need to know to give your book the final finish and get it published.

Head over to my website to sign up today!


All the Best,