Human Rights Day 2015 – 31 Day Challenge / Day 10

Human Rights Day 2015 Naomi Mc Laughlan

Today, like every year on December 10th, is Human Rights Day.

The Human Rights Day was first initiated in 1948 when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to ensure that the rights of every human across the world are protected.

The declaration comprises 30 articles which outline every humans right, including for example basic human needs such as food, water, and housing, as well as the right to education, liberty and security of person, no one shall be held in slavery or servitude and access to free and uncensored information.

Especially considering the current political and social injustices still happening around the world,  it becomes clear that many people still need help to get their needs met, so I believe that the Human Rights Day is a good reminder that we all have to come together and find a way to make it work; locally and globally.

Let me know what you think.

All the Best & Speak to you tomorrow,

Naomi xxx


I love Sundays – 31 Day Challenge / Day 6

I Love Sundays Naomi Mc Laughlan

I love Sundays, because…

  • It is my one day off in the week (kinda, still need to do the house shores)
  • I can get up (almost) when I want
  • I can spend uninterrupted time with my kids
  • There is no rush
  • I have time to go to the beach for a walk, read a book or cook a three course meal – yes, with desert 😉
  • I can look back at the past week and reflect on what went right and what could have gone better
  • I can make plans for the upcoming week

What do you love about Sundays?


Let me know what you think.

All the Best & Speak to you tomorrow,

Naomi xxx

Develop your mind – 31 Day Challenge / Day 3

As humans Naomi Mc Laughlan

Are you dreaming of learning something new, but there is no time available at this point in time?

If so, you may want to refer back to my last blog post ‘Early starters conquer time – 31 Day Challenge Day 2’.  

As you may already know, I am a HUGE fan of personal and professional development and since leaving school 17 years ago I have been learning and added to my knowledge and skills in vocational and academic courses on a continual basis.

If you believe that learning is expensive, think again and check out this list of #FREE interactive courses you can discover and make use of:


Alison currently offers 750 online based courses for free, in the following categories:

  • Languages
  • Business and Enterprise Skills
  • School Curriculum
  • Finance & Economic Literacy
  • Digital Literacy & IT Skills
  • Health & Safety & Compliance
  • Health & safety (Irish Legislation only)
  • Personal Development & Soft Skills
  • Health Literacy

Some course providers are British and US based Universities and some courses have been developed and are offered by private learning institutes. While all courses are free, you have the option to get a Diploma for just above £60 or Certificate for about £20 send out to you, after you have completed a minimum of 80% of the course and have passed a number of tests.


Creative Life

Creative Life offers several daily live classes and tutorials in the following categories:

  • Photo & Video
  • Art & Design
  • Music & Audio
  • Craft & Maker
  • Money & Life

All live ‘on air’ classes are free of charge and you have the option to pre-register for classes and get a reminder of the upcoming live session. There is also an option to purchase a class after it has been on air, but that is no requirement to take part in any sessions.


Future Learn

Future Learn currently offer 58 online based courses, in the following categories:

  • Language & Culture
  • Business & Management
  • Science, Maths & technology
  • Health & Psychology
  • Creative Arts & Media
  • Teaching & Studying

Most courses are offered by British Universities and while all courses are free, you have the option to get a ‘Certificate of Participation’, for just above £30 after you have completed a minimum of 80% of the course and have passed a number of tests.



Memrise currently offer several hundred online based courses for free, in the following categories:

  • Languages
  • Arts & Literature
  • Maths & Science
  • The Natural World
  • History & Geography
  • Professional & Careers
  • Entertainment
  • Trivia

I love the fact that not only the typical languages (English, Spanish, German etc.) are offered, but also languages like Mandarin Chinese and Japanese and even Ashanti Twi, the language I ‘really’ want to learn to speak, read and write fluently, as I am half Ghanaian 😉



Vision2Learn currently offer 12 NCFE Level 1 and 2, online based courses for people who are 19 years or older and who live in the EU, in the following categories:

  • Business
  • IT
  • Healthcare

The courses are offered in collaboration with British based colleges. After completion of the online course and passing of written assignments, each participant receives a Certificate free of charge.

If you really have no time to spare to sit down and learn, why not try to enhance your knowledge by listening to an audio book instead?

Amazon currently offers 27,116 results for “free audio books” in a mix of categories, including:

  • Classic Literature & Fiction
  • Children’s Classics
  • Suspense Thrillers
  • Mythology & Folk Tales
  • Horror Literature & Fiction
  • Literature & Fiction
  • Coming of Age Fiction
  • Sea Stories
  • Children’s Action & Adventure Books
  • Children’s Books

So if you prefer to download and listen to new things, rather than learning at your PC or MAC, this may be the ideal way to listen on your mobile device while you drive, do house shores or lay in bed.


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All the Best & Speak to you tomorrow,

Naomi xxx


P.S.: By the way, I am not affiliated with any of the course providers mentioned above, and I have sorted them in alphabetical order, as I have no special preferences for any of the courses mentioned.

I find them all to be great, as they offer you and me a learning opportunity in the comfort of our own home at a convenient time, plus being free of charge.

Finish 2015 Strong! – 31 Day Challenge

31 Day Challenge NaomiMcLaughlan

What goals and aims did you plan for 2015, but haven’t had time to get to them yet?

Goals NaomiMcLaughlanI, for example, have planned to blog on a regular, weekly basis, I planned to work out every day, to sort through the clutter in our house, to visit friends and family I haven’d seen for a while, to spend more quality time with the kids, to sell all the unwanted items in our home, to finish writing another book I started, to practice French and Twi,…but some of the things just didn’t happen yet, because I was so busy (or too lazy ;-)).

So I challenge you and myself, not to hustle in this festive season, but to create a list of things you ‘Do’ want to get to, in the next 31 days!

You may want to characterise your list into the following sections:

  • Family
  • Health
  • Friends & Extended Family
  • Home
  • Work
  • Hobbies

I will post an update and some ideas for you on a daily basis for the next 31 days, that on of my commitments. What is yours? Are you up for the challenge?

Get Ready – Set – Go!

All the Best & Speak to you tomorrow,


P.S.: By the way, this is by all means not an attempt to make you feel unaccomplished!

This is however, an attempt to encourage you to do the things you want without the feeling that ‘It is too late’ for whatever it may be.

Plus, I believe 31 days are a perfect time frame to conclude this year in a positive spirit!

How I discover valuable information on the WWW & My bookshelf

Search NaomiMcLaughlanI find the internet extremely useful mainly because it saves me a lot of time. When I try to find something out about a new topic, I can find it almost every time no matter what I am looking for.

The information provided broadens my knowledge immense and allows me to access information I would be researching offline probably for weeks or even month.

The word wide web offers everyone to upload whatever the person feels need to be published. As there is almost no restriction to what is put on the websites there are lots of subjective and questionable ones online. Therefore, I am precautious on what kind of information might be the ‘real deal’ and what might be inaccurate or nonsense.

With this in mind, I consider the information found and use the CARS checklist;

  • Credibility
  • Accuracy
  • Reasonableness
  • Support

I also often crosscheck information from several sources.  I apply common sense in my research and ask myself whether the website is a private or commercial website or whether the information comes from an organisation, University etc.?

For someone who has never used the internet for research before, it might be best to stick to online libraries or real books.

Depending on the goals I set for myself I try to read as much as I can about the subject and as I just described above about the overload of information on the World Wide Web, I have to admit that I still fancy real books, as they have been carefully crafted and decrease the time for finding valuable and valid knowledge.

Have a look at my bookshelf – My most favourite books I have read so far are;

Naomi Mc Laughlans Bookshelf 2015

Money goals:

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Personal Development goals:

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, How to Develop Self-Confidence, Influence People by Public Speaking, Make Yourself Unforgettable all by Dale Carnegie, May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein

Management goals:

Time Management for Dummies by Clare Evans, The Chimp Paradox by Dr Steve Peters, The Charge and Leadership Guide by Brendon Buchard

Fitness goals:

The 10-Pound Shred by Tommy Europe, Walking for Fitness by Nina Barough

Healthy eating/diet goals:

The Dukan Diet by Dr Pierre Dukan, The FAB Diet by Rosemary Conley, Crazy Sexy Kitchen by Kris Carr, Love Is In The Mix by Kate Gosselin, Baking Made Easy by Lorraine Pascale

Which books do you love and like to recommend?

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All the Best,


Healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – Vegan & Free From Ⅱ

I love experimenting with all kind of new varieties of healthy, fresh and nutritious food, so here are more of my healthy food creations for you to try.

By the way, these recipes are not only for people who cannot digest dairy products for allergy reasons or for vegetarians or vegans, as they are delicious and could be your choice for a meat-free Friday or so. Please let me know how you find them in the comments section below.

Breakfast or Sweet Treat

Wild Blackberries NaomiMcLaughlan insta


Mixed Veg Soup NaomiMcLaughlan insta


Pasta NaomiMcLaughlan insta

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P.S.: If you like these recipes, you might like one of my previous Free From posts as well, here is the link:Healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – Vegan & Free From I.


Münster #1 Germany’s Bicycle City Fitness & Family friendly Holiday

Muenster 1aDid you know where I was born? Good guess!  Yes, in Münster  #1 Germany’s Bicycle City, in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Despite leaving good old Germany 4 years ago to travel the world, I still love going back each year not only to meet family and friends, but also to explore the city by Bike Pic a



Germany is bicycle friendly, but Münster is exceptionally equipped with cycle tracks, special traffic light systems that give priority to pedestrians and riders, and even covering rural areas outside town centre with safe paths.  A highlight is the bike indoor parking station with space for 3.500 bikes (located at the main train station, see pic) where you can leave yours in secure storage, get it professionally cleaned or repaired and rent a bike for as little as $11 / £6.50  a day.

Muenster 3a

5 Quirky Things about Münster & Bikes

1. “Masematte” is a regional sociolect, well documented since 1870 and still spoken in Münster  (yes, I peak it too ;-))

2. “Leeze” is the Masematte word for Bike

3. In the “Jugendverkehrsschule” also known as “Verkehrskindergarten” children, as little as 3, learn and practise to ride a bike in a miniature outdoor road traffic school

4. The Peace of Westphalia, ending the Thirty Years’ War in Europe, was a series of peace treaties (between the Dutch Republic and the Kingdom of Spain) signed between May and October 1648 in Osnabrück and Münster

5. You can ride or walk around the whole town centre taking the safe late medieval ‘promenade’ (see pic)Muenster Promenade a


My favourite places in Münster :

  • The fresh fruit & veg market in town on Saturdays and Wednesdays mornings
  • The huge St. Lambert’s Church (see pic) in town, which is a great place to explore history
  • The Aa Lake, where you can take a pedal boat tour – my kids favourite
  • Take a carriage ride (see pic)

Muenster 2 a


So whether you are planning to increase your historic IQ, your fitness or just want to eat a Curry- Bratwurst (German grilled sausage with curry powder) along with a cold ‘Altbierbowle mit Erdbeeren’  (top-fermented dark beer mixed with strawberries),

I highly recommend visiting my home town, if you ever plan to travel to Germany! Find out more about Münster here.

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