Pet Peeve #1: Mass Mail & Cold Calling

Seriously Naomi Mc Laughlan

Don’t shoot out mass mail or even dare to call someone up, pretending to care, but failing to do your homework!

I HATE receiving phone calls from businesses who couldn’t care less about me, pretending that they ‘want to offer THE Solution, Best Price or Whatever else’.

Yet, they have not even taken the time to look up my website to see what I offer, so whether they try to sell me actually makes kinda sense or not.

Like today, where I was called about a the newest, best, solution in the market to reach people via mobile phone technology gadget…who would have thought…

And then the Gal curiously asked me what I offer??? What??? So she is telling me that the gadget is the best solution, yet has no clue what I sell or to whom…MMMMMMHHHHH. So how come she thinks that her gadget could be any good for my business or my marketing at all???

Let me break it to you Sis / Bro:


People… Really????Angry Naomi Mc Laughlan

If you use cold calling or bulk mailings as part of your strategy; DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST!

Who are you calling & Why – Why should they care, if you don’t???


Also, your gadget, product or service is NOT for everyone!

Not everyone likes apples, although they may be juicy and healthy!

Not everyone can or want to afford your coaching service, although you may be an awesome coach!

Not everyone wants a new jacket, because they may love their old one, even if it has holes!

Yes, Consumers consume – But they have to have a Need or Want!

Just because you are calling, texting or littering their mailbox with flyers, does not mean that these potential clients or customers need or want what you have to sell!

End of story!


All the Best,

Naomi xxx

P.S.: What do you hate most about unsolicited mail, texts or calls? Leave me your comments below!

P.P.S: Need help creating a compelling message, offer an outstanding service and products at an amazing price, I am happy to assist you!

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How to make Word Clouds – 31 Day Challenge / Day 24

How to make Word Clouds Naomi Mc Laughlan

Last night we had fun with word clouds…

Together with my daughters I brainstormed words we could use to create a Christmasy themed word cloud  and we came up with the following 44 words:

Love Family Peace Holiday Christmas Food Joy Fun Jesus Merry Mistletoe Children Daughter Father Mother Son Presents Turkey Candy Cane Stockings Peppermint Hot Chocolate Santa Wine Winter Snow Frost Sleigh Bells Reindeer Red Scarf Green White Treat Sweater Home Warm Music Carrot Flake Cookies Milk

We found two different free word cloud website generators and played around with the font, colour, size, layout, focal point, first with WordItOut, with which we generated 10 different styles;

Xmas Word Cloud Naomi Mc Laughlan


We tried out another 16 styles and colour schemes with WordCouds, which offers the options to change the shape, colour scheme, size, font, flatness, and widen and tighten gaps between words.


Both word cloud generators are easy to navigate, whereby the latter needs you to fill words in along with numbers, Xmas Word Cloud Naomi Mc Laughlan examplewhich is initially inserted and you can add your words at the place where the example words are.






I think word clouds can have many uses, for example to visually enhance your marketing copy, for a school, college or University project or to create a unique greeting card for your loved ones. In any case, they are really enjoyable and entertaining to craft and they don’t take long to make either.

Do you like my word clouds?

If so, you can use download them here.

No login or sign up required! 

Let me know what you think.

All the Best & Speak to you tomorrow,

Naomi xxx

P.S.: I am not affiliated with either of the two word cloud creator providers, but I appreciate their free service.

How to get Super Sleek Frizz Free Hair – 31 Day Challenge / Day 21

Frizz Free Hair Naomi Mc Laughlan


Naomi Mc Laughlan Super Frizz Free Hair beforeIf you have ever wondered how some women get their hair sooooo super sleek and frizz free, I have to admit that before starting to use relaxer cream it puzzled me too. I used to assume that they must have spent hours with a hair straightener or have just left a salon.

I tried many different products over the years now and I have realised that there are only a few good ones out there.

Dark and Lovely Products are my favourite, because they give you everything you need; the kit includes relaxer cream, shampoo and balm, for just a fiver.

I buy the relaxer kit either from the internet or from the local Afro Shop.

My hair is usually a bit dry for a week or two. So I make sure that I don’t wash it as often and I also use a special hair moisturiser (Pink Oil) for the first week after relaxing, to restore the moisture of my hair.

Depending on how fast my hair grows I relax the roots about every 3 to 4 month.


Naomi Mc Laughlan Super Frizz Free Hair after


This is how I relax my hair;

Step Nr. 1      Read the safety instructions.

Step Nr. 2     Put on the gloves. The mixed cream is very irritating on your skin.

Step Nr. 3     Mix Nr.1 Relaxer cream &  Nr.2 Cream Activator. Use the wooden spatula for it in a non-metallic bowl. Make a patch test on your arm first, if you are using a relaxer for the first time.

Step Nr. 4      Part your hair in at least 4 sections. I use plain ribbons for this.

Step Nr. 5        Apply the cream to all you hair sections.Start from the roots into the length.

Step Nr. 6        Comb your hair with very fine comb. Check the appropriate leave-in time, according to your hair you will find suggestions in the leaflet.

Step Nr. 7       Let another person assist you to wash out the relaxer cream. Wash the cream throughout with just water first, then use the shampoo and wash it at least twice. Keep your eyes closed.

Step Nr. 8        Apply the Restoring Balm. I usually leave it in my hair for at least 5 minutes, before I wash it out.

Step Nr. 9       Dry & Style your hair as usual.

I hope you like your new look.

Let me know what you think.

All the Best & Speak to you tomorrow,

Naomi xxx

P.S.: I am not affiliated with Dark and Lovely and I have not been paid  to review their products. I have used it for many years now though, as I think it works really well on curly hair, while leaving it glossy and shiny.

By the way, this blog post was initially published in 2013 here on my WP blog, but I thought it may still be of interest for you, while I have updated it a little.



New study reveals Children’s Online Behaviour and their shocked Parent’s Response – 31 Day Challenge / Day 13

What are kids up to online Naomi Mc Laughlan

Half of parents of young children have admitted secretly going through their kids’ phone – with disturbing results, according to new research.

A quarter were “shocked” by what they found after reading their offspring’s emails, Facebook posts and instant messages.

Four in 10 were alarmed to see their children discussing sex or sexual content on their devices, a quarter discovered evidence of their child being bullied and nearly half found them using offensive language.

As a result, one in five do not trust their children online and suspect they are accessing inappropriate content, according to a study of 2,000 parents of children aged 8-15 by internet and mobile security company BullGuard.

Cam Le, Chief Marketing Officer for BullGuard, said: “The research shows parents are understandably nervous about what their children are up to on the internet.

“Clearly parents want to protect their children from harm – yet they also to want to ensure their kids do not miss out on the fantastic things the web has to offer.

“With the internet ever evolving it’s no wonder mums and dads are troubled by what they see as a lack of control, however there are lots of steps they can take to help ensure their children are safe.”

The research revealed that during a typical weekend, the average child sends and receives over 100 emails, texts and instant messages.

Top 10 – Gadget rules used by parents

  1. No gadgets at the dinner table
  2. Parents must know passwords
  3. No phones, tablets and laptops in kids’ rooms at night
  4. No gadgets taken to school
  5. Specified time limit everyday
  6. Gadget ban until homework is finished
  7. No gadgets on school mornings
  8. Must be on good behaviour to use gadgets
  9. All gadgets must be on silent
  10. All gadgets must be loud so parents know when a message arrives


Top 10 – Alarming messages found by parents on their children’s phones

  1. Conversations using bad language
  2. Topics discussing sex/sexual content
  3. My child being bullied or spoken to badly
  4. Groups of young children excluding other children
  5. My child speaking to people badly
  6. Conversations about alcohol
  7. Conversations complaining about me/other parents
  8. Conversations about smoking
  9. My child being a bully
  10. Conversations about cheating in class/during exams


Let me know what you think.

All the Best & Speak to you tomorrow,

Naomi xxx

Please note: I am not the author of this news copy, I received the text via SWNS Digital Hub, and I thought it may interest you. I have, however, not shared the whole text due to its length, so if you are interested to read everything about their findings, please visit the news copy source via hyperlink.


Study Credit: BullGuard

News Copy:  SWNS

Why & How I started my first Successful Business at Age 21 – 31 Day Challenge / Day 8

My first Business Naomi Mc Laughlan

By the time I was 20 years old I had two young kids; a new-born and one in kindergarten age. So there was no way I could have continued what I was doing before, which was being a model and broadcaster, as that would have required me to work at inconvenient hours throughout the week and travel.

Take away: Fancy jobs don’t work well with family live!

So I decided to take part in a six week ‘Start-Up’ training course, which was offered by the local jobcentre in the town I lived in, in Germany. The course offered a broad overview in terms of how to start a business, how to legally employ people, how to complete an income tax sheet and so on.

I decided to set up a business which would allow me to take my kids to work, without disturbing anyone. I also considered what I am able to do and for what type of business I would not necessarily need further training courses. After an initial market research, I realised that the town I lived in lacked a selection of baby and toddler groups, after-school clubs and programs. So I decided to get into this sector and further ‘niched’ it down to teaching English in small group settings.

I inquired what qualifications are a minimum to start a teaching business and completed several courses, which included Paediatric Fist Aid, Leading a Child and Parent Group and a Cambridge University Fist Certificate in English.

Take away: Training is very important!

Then I wrote up a basic business plan and outlined what I want to offer, at what price and so on.  As I did not want to take up a start-up loan, I planned my business while taking my savings into account only. I also created lesson plans, which I would use for my classes.

The ‘Little People’s Training & Education Center’ was born.

Take away: Creating a business plan is key, to map out the direction of any venture!

Next I searched for available, affordable and suitable premises and found one in walking distance to where we lived in a small alley, just behind the high street.  This was very important, as I wanted to be able to fit my work around the kids and be near my home, in case they were sick for instance and wouldn’t be able to accompany me at work.

I made a list and bought furniture and learning materials, which sounds easier as it actually was, because I had to buy almost all of the English picture and reading books in the Netherlands , as there were very few available in Germany at that time.

The ground floor building with two rooms, office, small kitchenette and restroom was empty when I took it and within a week or so I was able to renovate it with the help of family members and my dear friends and placed chairs and tables, books, toys and everything else in it.

My first Business 3 Naomi Mc Laughlan

Take away:  Finding a suitable business setup and property is an important factor for a Mumpreneur!

Before the grand-opening I designed my branding. My cousin made a large metal sign for me as a present.  I stack decals on all windows and printed t-shirts, baby bibs, flyers and other marketing materials, which were all part of my initial branding strategy.

Take away: Branding helps potential customers and clients to recognise a business, as it aids to differentiate them.

Lastly, I invited the local press to write about my new venture to create as much as free publicity as possible. This really helped me create awareness, to sign up my first full classes and even let to nurseries calling in to book sessions for whole groups of kids.

My First Business 2 Naomi Mc Laughlan

Take away: Local media outlets usually love to write about people who start a new business.

My first Business 4 Naomi Mc Laughlan

Are you thinking of starting or growing a successful business?

Check out my ‘Start-Ups on a Shoestring Budget’ online training course!

All the Best & Speak to you tomorrow,

Naomi xxx

P.S.: I will tell you why and how I eventually sold the business in another post. So stay tuned! 😉

Women Achievers Congress / WAC London 2015 with Kim Kiyosaki

WAC NaomiMcLaughlan instaGuess where I spend last Saturday? Yes. That’s right; at the Women Achievers Congress Sat 4th & Sun 5th July 2015, 9am – 8pm daily, in the Ibis Earls Court Hotel, London.

Day 1

It was a fairly early start for me; embarking my journey at 6am to drive to our local train station to board the carriage to London Liverpool Street station, were I then changed into the Central and later into the Piccadilly Line, to finally arrive at Earls Court.

NaomiMcLaughlan WAC 2015 mapThe weather was wonderful in London, with a bright sunshine and warm breeze, unlike the usual rather windy rainy weather. PicMonkey Collage

Anyways, I was prepared for it all, with an umbrella, coat and the lot, just to be safe 😉 Nevertheless, it all stayed in in my huge London Olympics bag, while my black summer dress and light jacket was the perfect attire for the day.

At my arrival I was positively surprised by the friendliness of the staff, who guided each participant during the registration process. I was delighted that each of us was given a pink bracelet, each with an empowering statement, which read ‘You are sexy’ and ‘You are beautiful’. There was one more, but I honestly forgot what it said.

Naomi McLaughlan WAC 2015 Hands

While waiting to enter the conference room, I started chatting with another woman called Rose and she introduced me to her friend Charity, both successful business women.

Naomi Mc Laughlan WAC 2015 line

When I entered the conference room, I noticed the care that has been put into the decoration and set-up; each table was covered with white cloth and many tables had a bunch of fresh flowers placed on the centre, paper and markers were ready for us to use, while 7 or 8 women could take a seat around each table.

The three of us found a table and introduced each other to the other four women who joined us, to my glee I recognised one, Suzie, who I had met at previous business events. We used the time everyone needed to get settled to quickly catch up.

Naomi McLaughlan WAC 2015 Stage

The event hostess Deborah Torres Patel, influential voice, presentation and public speaking coach, started the programme by giving us a warm welcome and explaining the structure of the day.

There was a huge excitement in the room when Mrs Kim Kiyosaki, Author of It’s Rising Time, Rich Woman and Good Deal Bad Deal, entrepreneur, real estate investor & radio show host came on stage. Mrs Kiyosaki was highly inspiring when she walked us through the positive and negative incidents of her career and life, which she visually enhanced by sharing private pictures with the audience. One for instance, showed her at age 4, wearing a Kimono and another of herself and her husband Robert Kiyosaki at their wedding day.

Mrs Kiyosaki reminded us that we need to think of our own life too, as many of us might forget to look out for ourselves, while caring for our children or family members. Although this is important, self-care in areas like our personal, professional and financial life are vital to being able to care even more for others.

My biggest take-way from her first speech was to stay away from negative people and that in every negative situation there may be a positive lesson to be learned.

NaomiMclaughlan WAC 2015 Kim K

Mrs Kiyosaki then introduced us to; Ceil Stanford, Leader, role model and elite life & executive coach, Lisa Lannon, Social entrepreneur, investor and international speaker and Ronda Jaggers, Social entrepreneur and CEO, who she has known for years and who she calls her ‘dear friends’.

Each woman told us about their current business venture and what has inspired them to choose the path they are currently on.

We continued the day with being introduced to practical examples and were encouraged to take part in pair and group exercises which brought us closer and increased our personal development, self-awareness and business investment knowledge. Those exercises gave us the chance to get to know the other participants on our table, as well as many other women of the other tables, even more so than compared to the usual networking events.

Day 2

Although I missed day two and all the wonderful inspiring women entrepreneurs, I have been told that it was a special experience to listen to their guidance and best business and life practices.

The special celebrity guest for the day was Michelle Mone OBE, Global speaker, Entrepreneur and Women’s Fashion Advocate who shared her story about her successes in life and business.

While Amanda Woodward, Professional property investor & business owner, Bindar Dosanjh, Lawyer, entrepreneur, International speaker, Author & Mentor, Alicia Lyttle, Internet marketing & Social media expert, and Wendy Stevens, Best Selling Author, Speaker & Business Coach all shared their experience, advice and ‘how-to’s’ in each of their areas of expertise.

Overall, I highly appreciate having been part of the #WAC #London #2015 event, because the event facilitated me to make new friends, create business contacts, learn and develop my knowledge!

And I believe it was the right time that Success Resources provided a platform for the first #Women #Achievers #Congress in the United Kingdom, as women need the empowerment and inspiration!

My special THANK YOU go to Mrs Victoria Tan & Mrs Kim Kiyosaki who created the event!

If you have been there, please share your views in the comment section below.

All the Best,

Naomi xxx

STOCKHOLM meets PARIS Review on the Caroline Blomst Collaboration Collection

Deichmanns’ SS14 Collaboration Collection designed by fellow fashion blogger Caroline Blomst is available from today, 3rd March 2014 and includes 7 stylish pairs of shoes; at a price range from £17.99 – £27.99.

Deichmann is Europe’s biggest shoe retailer, with stores in 23 countries worldwide as well as online, with 80 high street shops in the UK alone. Deichmann has teamed up in the past with celebrities including Halle Berry and Cindy Crawford to create stylish, affordable and ‘must-have’ shoe collections.

“Every shoe has its own detail.” Caroline Blomst

5 Things I love most about Caroline Blomst collection:

1. Style

2. A pair for every occasion; form leisure, office to night out

3. Super comfortable to wear

4. Affordable

5. High quality

I have tried and tested the Peep-toe Court and the T-bar Court which I find great to wear. In the video below you can hear a little more about what I think.They both have the look and feel of quality products, well made, shiny and sparkly, looking beautiful and stunning… I LOVE shoes can you tell?! 

CB naomimclaughlan

Peep-toe Court £27.99 UK Size 3.5 – 7.5 (EU 36-41) Heel height: 9.9 cm Heel Type: Court Colour: black

T-Bar Court £24.99 UK Size 3.5 – 7.5 (EU 36-41) Heel height: 6.5 cm Heel Type: Court Colour: beige, gold, black

I will let the rest of the seven part collection speak for themselves*:

Minimalistic & Comfortable

Graphic print smoking slipper, £17.99 (Caroline Blomst)

Fun Shoe

Pixel print sneaker, £22.99 (Caroline Blomst)


Peep toe shoe boot with cut out detail, £27.99 (Caroline Blomst) 1 290 604, Pointed multi-strap gothic-style heel, £24.99 (Caroline Blomst)Peep toe lace shoe boot  with ankle strap, £27.99 (Caroline Blomst)


*Loafer £17.99 / Lace-up Trainer £22.99 /  Peep-toe High Front £27.99 / Buckled Court £24.99/ Peep-toe High Front (Lace) £27.99 

Caroline Blomst & Deichmann 

Please let me know what you think!

All the Best,

Naomi xxx