Happy International Women’s Day – #BeBoldForChange

Happy International Womens Day Naomi Mc Laughlan

Hey Beauty,

Are you the celebrating International Women’s Day?

Are you Bold for Change?

I hope you are, not just because that’s is this year’s motto…

Many women, myself included, often feel under enormous pressure, including having to be pretty and smart, a good daughter and sister, a great mum and an amazing wife, all at the same time…and yet, I guess what we all need to hear is that WE ARE #ENOUGH!

In light of today’s special day, as well as part of my #GlobalGoal campaign, I have created a 4-part series on “Support Global Goals Equal Rights of Education” for girls and women. Enjoy 😉

Therefore, it is up to all of use to help forge a better working world, one that is more inclusive, a gender equal world!

All the Best,

Naomi xxx

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Personal Branding

Personal Branding Naomi Mc Laughlan

Despite the common believe that branding is only for the ‘big-boys’, it has become a vital part in promoting products and services, no matter how large or small a business is, whether it operates locally, nationally or internationally.

Branding is also important in the process of finding employment, as organisations are getting flooded with applications on a daily basis, often for a very limited amount of job vacancies.

Therefore, in any of these cases branding is the key to success.

Video Transcript

Personal Branding
Hello and welcome, my name is Naomi Mc Laughlan and today I am going to talk about Personal Branding.

Personal branding is an essential point in standing out from the crowd, because in the process of finding employment or by marketing your own business, branding can increase your options by promoting your distinctiveness.

According to Holloway (2015:12) “People buy people and it’s your personal brand that tells them what they get when they buy you.”

While Hestad (2013:10) notes “Brands help consumers to make decisions. Consumers recognise brands and buy them because they promise to fulfil a need, due to recommendations or based on earlier experiences with the brand. Consumers also buy brands because the brand story connects with them emotionally, it offers them a self-expressive benefit, or they find the brands relevant in a certain cultural context. For entrepreneurs, building a brand gives an opportunity to build a legacy, to be recognised and to attract the best employees who would like to be part of the culture that is building the brand.”

So what do you do? How do stand out from the crowd? And what makes you distinctive? Have you found your unique selling proposition yet?


Hestad M (2013) Branding and Product Design : An Integrated Perspective Farham, England: Gower Publishing Limited
Holloway J (2015) Personal Branding for Brits Third Edition Skipton, England: Spark Ltd

End of Transcript

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9 Steps to a Successful Homeschool

Professional Home Educator Academy 3

6 years ago when I started looking into homeschooling my 3 children, I was overwhelmed what had been published about the subject online and offline. I found that under many un-useful tips and ideas the one’s I could actually use for our family, were only a handful and took me months to find, as there was and still is such an overload on information.

Profesional Home Educator Academy 1The today’s (23rd July 2014) list of results on Google were 4,540,000 with the search term ‘homeschooling’, when using other spelling methods and word  like ‘home-schooling’, ‘home education’ or ‘home-ed’ I gathered millions of more websites, articles and other information.

Since summer ’13, I offer parents and carers who experience similar overwhelming and confusing challenges a solution which will help to save time and money.

The below video is a recording from our last live webinar training, in which I go through all 9 steps to create a successful homeschool environment, which I hope will allow you to get started much easier.

If you head over to the Professional Home Educator Academy website, you will find another 5 Q&A training videos and you can sign up for the program, if you feel that this program is for you.

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P.S.: If you have any questions in regards to the Professional Home Educator Academy video training program, please send an email to: info@professionalhomeducatoracademy.com