The 7 Traits Every Small Business Owner Needs to Grow Their Business


Have you ever wondered how you may grow your business? Do you need to focus more on strategy, sales and marketing or growing your team? Yes, yes and yes…but foremost you need to work on you own mind-set! You need to have a vision in mind for your business. Where do you want to be in a year from now, five years or even ten?

Furthermore, here are 7 Traits You Need to Grow Your Business to the Next Level

1.A strong Sense of Purpose; Most leaders who have achieved documented growth, e.g. the late Steve Jobs, discover that it takes more than the promise of increasing financial reward to fuel their aspirations and ambitions. They find a higher calling than simply the pursuit of “more money.”

2.Outstanding Market Intelligence; You need to focus strongly on trends and changes in your marketplace. Do not fall behind or victim of the strategic drift, due to working too much ‘in’ and not ‘on’ your business. Always focus on the bigger picture.

3.Effectively Plan for Growth; Without planning for growth, it will most likely not happen by ‘magic’. Therefore, journal about it, make a plan, implement and monitor all actions and adjust and regularly update your approach to stay up-to-date.

4.Customer Focused Processes; Listen to what your customers and clients need and what. This includes to provide an outstanding customer service and after-sales plan. Strive to provide your customers with a high quality, faster, cheaper and better product and / or service then any of your competitors.

5.Utilize Technology; There are endless, often free, tools available, so use them to your advantage.

6.Establish an Outstanding Team; Hire slow and fire fast. Focus on hiring, training and retaining the best and the brightest people you can afford. Also, focus on talent and aptitude and not just on official professional or academic qualification.

7.See the Future; Diligently monitor and interpret the micro- and macro forces of change affecting your environment. For example, consider how your business can contribute positively to society and the environment, become a leader in your community. Learn more about Global Goals, by reading or listening to my latest International Amazon Bestseller ‘How to apply Global Goals to your Business; The #1 Guide to becoming Greener, Leaner, and more Profitable by applying the 17 Sustainable Development Goals’. Also if you purchase a copy between January 23rd and January 31st you receive a FREE #Business #Sustainability #Strategy Session.

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Management from Bedroom to Boardroom

 Have you ever thought about yourself of being a manager in your life? Being one does not necessarily include having the title itself, but rather the ability to delegate tasks to others.

Whether you are single, a stay at home mum, an entrepreneur or a 9-5 worker, no matter what – in order to get more done in the available time you should start appointing tasks to members of your team or family.

Situation Leadership Naomi Mc Laughlan

In business there is a term called Situation Leadership, it’s based on the combination between;

1. The amount of direction a manager gives,

2. The amount of socio emotional support employees need,

3. The level of ability of employees, for example the ability to perform a specific task, function, activity or objective that the manager is attempting to accomplish through the individual or group.

This system or technique can be used at home as well, by listing all jobs / chores on a weekly or monthly basis and coordinating those to the suitable family member.

I for example have a weekly to-do list for my three children, on which they find tasks like setting the table for dinner or vacuuming the ground floor etc. This gives me more time for other things, while my children learn important life skills at the same time.

For my business I do it in a similar fashion, for example by listing every task I can delegate to my virtual assistant, which needs to be done per day, week and month. By doing this I have more time for income generating activities, instead of wasting valuable time.

I have created a Prezi  for this matter,  which illustrates the idea of Situation Leadership for businesses, but also for family life.


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P.S.:  My apologies, for not writing last week – My sis had her baby and I travelled to good old Germany to pay the lovely, new arrival a cuddly visit. Unfortunately though, my  time schedule went down the drain…