Want to join My MLM / Network Marketing Business??? Yikes (Warning Rant included!)

Your Opportunity Naomi Mc Laughlan

I was inspired to consider this topic by an invitation I received to join a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) aka Network Marketing firm, by a new friend. (My long-term friends already KNOW not to ask…)
My initial reaction, after watching a video presentation, was NOOOOOO thank you!!! Been there, done that! Not for me!!! LESSON LEARNED…sharing it here just for you!

Yes, I speak of FIRST HAND experience, as I have been part of several MLM company’s myself, incl. Tupperware, Amway, Jamie at Home, Avon and the likes….

Every time I thought ‘ooooh maybe it is the product’, NOOOOOPE IT IS THE BUSINESS MODEL!!!

I KNOW that 99% of MLM sign-ups do not make even enough money to claim that they ‘pay themselves’ / earn a minimum wage from profits and bonuses received.

The upside of MLM’s:
• You can claim that that the product has helped X number of people, based on the entire business / brand NOT JUST YOU, who might have signed up an hour ago.

• You can put your name in one sentence with celebrities / famous peeps who have endorsed the business / brand / product.

• You can claim that the products you sell are sold in X number of countries, even though YOU MIGHT SELL TO YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS ONLY.

• You get a discount on all the products you may want to buy (Hint: This is one of the biggest income stream these companies actually make money with!!! New sign-ups who spend their hard-earned cash, which they earned elsewhere)

• Potentially you can earn from any $/£ of your own downline, given that you consistently motivate people to sign up and DO THE WORK…

• You get (most often) free training and access to nice events at (most often) awesome venues – This to be honest is the ONLY reason why I would join if I were you!

The downside of MLM’s:
• You have no business, unless you constantly sell; first to your inner network e.g. family and friends, then to work colleagues, neighbours etc. and lastly to anyone who you come across.

• You are depended on building your own network of ‘Busy Bees’ aka new sign-ups, otherwise you run out of names on your contact list.

• You must ASK ANYBODY, to ‘Join the Club’ and Buy, with the motto “After X number of NO’s THERE MUST BE a yes…”
• You cannot ‘Brand’ YOUR BUSINESS, as anyone in your network sells the same products.

• You cannot make a living! Yes, I said it!!! How many hours have you worked in the last three months, or since you have started and how much money did you make? And please don’t tell me that you are still growing…show me YOUR numbers, not how much you CAN POTENTIALLY make or how much the ‘company’ makes each year etc.

On the other site, IF YOU START YOUR OWN BUSINESS, either solely online based or a location aka ‘brick and mortar’ business, YOU CAN BRAND YOU AND THE WAY YOU DO BUSINESS, for example price, location, service quality, product range, BECAUSE from having started, operated and sold two out of three businesses in the past 16+ years, in both the B2B and B2C sector across several industries, I know that this is the key to differentiation and ultimately it works…And YES, you can work around your kids schedule doing so.

I would love to hear your take on this!
Naomi xxx

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P.P.S: If you feel offended because you have started your MLM business, sorry to hear that! You might be the 1% who can pull it off. And if so, I am happy to write about your outstanding business! Yes, I really mean that, for the bottom of my heart



Your Network is your Net worth

Networking Naomi Mc Laughlan 2016

Networking is sooooo important for any Solopreneur & Business owner alike! Why? Because you need people who aim for a similar direction as you do, at a minimum aim for development in their life and business.

You can find those networks by participating in person at existed face-to-face networking group gatherings for business owners, workshops, business seminars, and trade shows, as well as online at business networking events and platforms, masterminds and industry forums.

In addition, Networking allows you to;

  • Establish your business contacts
  • Learn dynamics within your sector and industry
  • Stay ‘up-to-date’ and connected to your community
  • Seek new business opportunities
  • Facilitate ‘Win-Win-Win’ relationships
  • Be part of a referral network
  • Accelerate your personal and professional development (PPD)
  • Develop knowledge and other resources

Go ahead and become part of my network today!


Let me know what you think!

All the Best,

Naomi xxx

Who is in your Professional Network?

Professional Networking applies to whether you are an employee or business owner, as you will not only need or want to connect with like-minded people, but sometimes also need a referral or an introduction that may be beneficial for your career progress or business growth.

Birds NaomiMcLaughlan

Have you ever considered the question of who would ideally be in your professional network?

Penn State Alumni Association (n.d) advises “In general, you want to include people in your network with whom you can build relationships through commonalities and who are willing to share information, advice, and referrals. You want people who can tell you about job openings, who can introduce you to people with hiring power, and who may be willing to hire you in the future. Not every person in your network will have the same role. Furthermore, an individual’s role may change over time, as they build their network, change jobs or careers, and gain more knowledge.”

When I evaluate my own network, I categorize them broadly into two areas; community and growth building, as well as income generating as I am an entrepreneur and business owner.

My PPN NaomiMcLaughlan insta

I classify my network into five categories;

  1. Clients
  2. Event Planners
  3. Media Outlets
  4. Joint Venture Partners (JVP)
  5. Business Networks

So while each contact might provide another form of value for me and my business, I appreciate all of them, as even a word of wisdom or other useful advice can help me.

From a graduate or an employee standpoint, the categories might look very different though when compared to an entrepreneur or business owner, as the employee may want to develop and aims for a promotion and the graduate might seek employment, in which case the network might include;

  1. Employers
  2. Recruitment Agencies
  3. Career Adviser
  4. Work Colleagues
  5. Mentors
  6. Student Networks
  7. Friends & Associates

Nevertheless, it is to note that networking requires engagement, as Llopis (2012)  explains “Networking requires 100% commitment…Networking is a responsibility and it requires active behavior.”

Dandi NaomiMcLaughlanWho is in your ideal network?

Why do you think you need them?

What can you offer them in return? 


All the Best,



Llopis, G (2012)  7 Reasons Networking Can Be a Professional Development Boot Camp. Online at http://www.forbes.com/sites/glennllopis/2012/05/29/7-reasons-networking-can-be-a-professional-development-boot-camp/ [accessed 12 August 2015]

Penn State Alumni Association (n.d) Developing a Strong Professional Network. Online at https://www.mne.psu.edu/PSNES/Networking.pdf [PDF] [accessed 12 August 2015]