This is how you get Free Publicity For Your Business


Advertising is telling the world how great you are, while publicity is having others tell the world how great you are. Companies and organizations that understand the importance of publicity are generally more successful than those who use advertising alone to reach their target audiences.

Newspapers, magazines and radio and television news programs are filled with stories about businesses and organizations. Those who know how to present materials professionally to the right people will get media coverage for free, while those who don’t understand how publicity works have to rely on large advertising budgets to reach their audiences, usually with less impressive results.

The first step in reaching out to media professionals is to create an appealing press release. Its main purpose is to get an editor or producer interested in what you have to say or in what you are doing. It should contain enough information, specifics and quotes that a writer can craft a story from it without ever having to call you.

A media alert is another tool for getting press coverage. Its purpose is to give news assignment desks the specifics about an event in a way that entices editors or television news directors to send a reporter or camera crew.

There are dozens of other ways to get news coverage, such as placing feature stories or writing pitch letters offering your expertise in a subject for quotes or on-air interviews.

You can hire outside help to get publicity, however you know your business inside out, so the key to succeed, is to reach out the appropriate person with your message, in a format that media professionals expect. You will find who to contact and what they expect on most media outlets ‘contact’ page on their website.

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Why Biz Owners need to care about Global Goals

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In addition, I have addressed the question ‘WHY’, we all need to care about Global Goals. By the way, if you are not aware of what Global Goals are, please refer to one of my other blog posts on the topic of #GLOBALGOALS, and then come right back!


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Dare to build a Global Brand?

Global Brand Strategy Success Club Naomi Mc Laughlan

Most entrepreneurs and business owners I have met during my 15+ years in business for myself, initially love what they do and all they can think, talk and dream of is to get their products and services out there. Some plan for ages, while others ‘just put it out there’ and finally launch…

Then hits the reality that the competition is much more aggressive/established/quicker/faster/better/more financial stable, as expected and the footfall and demand is lower than estimated. Disappointment, upset and struggle, and often financial trouble load just another brick to the pile and there all it goes out of the window….

Just in the last year I witnessed about 30 stores in our local town center go, some were established ones too, while others where in the 1-5-year bracket. Sad to see them go, one by one…

I strongly believe that one major part that is missing, in most cases, is multimedia marketing and a therefore a consistent communication of benefits potential customers and clients get when they purchase a product or service. However, I have also realized that many business owners do not plan or have a marketing budget, but rather hope that ‘word will spread’ and people will just appear by magic.

So what to do differently? You may think…

Online sales Naomi Mc Laughlan


Well, from my experience I can say that you need to ‘shout it from the rooftops’ day in and day out. On average it takes up to 7 times until we recognize a brand. Right? And people search online to find a solution for their problem, therefore if your online offering is not ‘up-to-scratch’ – you have lost the battle before they even get to town or find your website!

So here is my offer to you,

my dear entrepreneur & business owner;

Join the Global Brand Strategy Success Club today, so that you avoid all the above and build a sizzling business, with products and services known, loved and trusted around the globe!

Common over, take a look and join!

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Make more profit by spending less

Increase profits Naomi Mc Laughlan

Whether you are in start-up or growth mode, as an entrepreneur or business owner your aim will be the same; increase profits and reduce expenses. Therefore, it is always a wise strategy to consider, analyse and monitor all overhead costs, especially the ones that reoccur on a regular basis, as they can amount to a significant sum over time.

Spend less on Overheads Top 5 List:

  1. Plan ahead and buy in bulk, including office supplies, raw or component materials used to produce your products, as larger orders mean you shop less, often at a lower price and pay only once for shipping
  2. Clean up and update your mailing list on a regular basis; if you use direct mail make sure that you are not sending out marketing copy that reaches no one
  3. Collaborate and hire independent freelancers and / or manufacturers’ sales reps; because they get paid on a fixed rate or commission only, which is less expensive, as compared to employing permanent staff – However, one downside might be that you are not actively building an organisational culture by training and retaining a talented, motivated and happy workforce.
  4. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle or Upcycle equipment; by planning ahead and using estimates of current and future requirements you can ensure that when replacing appliances or other equipment you do not outgrow these before their lifetime, hence it reduces the number of times you have to replace them. Furthermore, consider to reuse equipment or re-purpose them, and / or sell them on to reinvest into new equipment.
  5. Go paperless; it is better for the environment and your purse, so for example use emails to send out letters, offers and invoices and make use of digital and mobile marketing strategies that won’t cost you a dime and can go #viral

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Why Content driven Multimedia Marketing Campaigns are the #1 Strategy for 2016

Content driven Markting Naomi Mc Laughlan

What is a content driven campaign?

A content driven campaign, as opposed to a sales campaign focuses solely on providing interesting information for a business customer or client. So instead of making sales announcements, the campaign is filled with facts, stories and how-to guides, which are interlinked with the product or service in question.

Why do we need a content driven campaign?        

A content driven campaign attracts more people to read through your marketing collateral or watch product videos, for example, as compared to pure sales letters or commercials that focus on the sale alone.

In regards to Social Media Marketing don’t forget that people love sharing content of companies and organisations who publish visual posts, articles and videos that may be of interest for their family members, friends and associates.

What to include in a content driven campaign

You may want to include;

  • Information, Benefits and other relevant attributes about your product or service
  • Fun facts
  • ‘More ways to use our product’ articles
  • ‘How-to’ articles
  • Interviews of current users
  • Explainer video (e.g. how to use the product)
  • Before and After shots (if applicable)
  • Information about complementary products or services that may be of interest
  • White papers
  • Share the ‘Bigger Picture’ story (e.g. short term to long term effect)
  • Statistics that relate to your product or service
  • Industry reports (maybe a part of it)

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How Habits & Emotions can Trigger Consumers to purchase Your Product or Service


Shopping Behavior Naomi Mc Laughlan

Print and broadcast advertisement attracts attention towards a product or service, and consumers tend to try out something new because of an advert they have seen. Behavioral intention or BI is defined as a person’s perceived likelihood or “subjective probability that he or she will engage in a given behavior” (National Institute of Health, n.d. cited Committee on Communication for Behavior Change in the 21st Century, 2002, p. 31).

Habits play a vital role, and make consumers usually grab items they are familiar with, as long as they are not side-tracked by another product that is currently on sale.

These behaviors can have various origins, including;

  • Past behaviors; something we do because we are used to it, for example learned during early childhood
  • Automaticity, as in buying or doing something that is efficient, but without immediate awareness, unintentional, and/or uncontrollable
  • Contextual Cues; cues that are triggered by time of day, past experiences in a certain situation, other people being involved or regular or special occasions (National Institute of Health, n.d.)

To relate the above mentioned concepts to myself as a consumer, I note that I use past behaviors when I choose washing powder, as it reminds me of my childhood, when buying bread I usually automatically select the same brand without thinking and special occasions such as Christmas triggers me into buying ‘Spekulatius’, a German type of Christmas cookies, although they are around in most shops throughout the year.

Love to Shop Naomi Mc Laughlan

Emotions, according to Hollis and Brown (2015), in promotions tend to evoke certain types of adverts to mind: ‘those featuring touching or heart-rending vignettes, cooing babies, or romping puppies’, which often arouse tears or smiles.

There are Primary, Secondary and Tertiary emotions, which may be useful for marketers:

  • Love – Affection – Longing
  • Joy – Optimism – Relief
  • Surprise – Surprise – Amazement (Changing Works, 2015, cited Shaver et al. (2001)

In my view these three primary emotions mentioned above are frequently used by marketers, for example adverts that feature Valentine gifts use ‘Love’ as their primary emotion, ‘Joy’ is noticeable in adverts which feature products for mothers-to-be show and use cute and cheerful babies, and lastly ‘Surprise’ which has been successfully and beautifully used by Samsung which features a short story about two hearing impaired who get surprised, for example.

You can use both concepts in your marketing to evoke the highest emotions and recall of an advert.

Here is a lovely example of an advert that induces an emotional response

from the viewer.

What do you think? I would love to hear your comments!


All the Best Naomi



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What is the African Business Academy?


ABA Content NaomiMcLaughlan moniI would love to tell you about my newest online training course; The African Business Academy Online Training course, which is specially designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who have no online presence yet.

Why African you may wonder…well, I suppose I realised that many African entrepreneurs are interested in starting an online based, international business, but don’t know how. From a work based project I did in 2014 in Accra and Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa, I realised that there are thousands of business oriented people who are happy to learn how to start their own business, as well as people who already have their ‘brick-and-mortar’ store, but who would love to expand their reach nationally and internationally.

I initially thought that if I would offer my other course ‘Start-Ups on a Shoestring Budget’ as a live class in West Africa to start off with, I would be able to help a lot of people to fulfill their dreams. I run into two issues though; high travel costs and venue hire, plus other related costs, as well as the main issue; many in my ‘beta trial’ group were not yet at the point at which the course starts. SUOSB is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who are already in business and often already have an online set up, but seek to strategize, grow their profits and financial freedom. Therefore, I had to completely rethink the matter and have decided to approach the opportunity from another angle.

Hence, I wanted to create a course that is highly affordable for anybody who wishes to shorten the learning curve, no matter where they are from – anywhere in Africa or based elsewhere in the world. The course includes everything somebody needs to set up a successful online business or add an online business to increase his or her income from your local ‘brick-and-mortar’ store. The Online Course is a combination of a weekly video training, action plans and transcripts delivered via email, so that each participant can work through each module from home, at times that suit best.

If you think this course could be something for you, please check it out or if you believe a friend of yours may benefit from it, please send him or her the link.

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