Pet Peeve #1: Mass Mail & Cold Calling

Seriously Naomi Mc Laughlan

Don’t shoot out mass mail or even dare to call someone up, pretending to care, but failing to do your homework!

I HATE receiving phone calls from businesses who couldn’t care less about me, pretending that they ‘want to offer THE Solution, Best Price or Whatever else’.

Yet, they have not even taken the time to look up my website to see what I offer, so whether they try to sell me actually makes kinda sense or not.

Like today, where I was called about a the newest, best, solution in the market to reach people via mobile phone technology gadget…who would have thought…

And then the Gal curiously asked me what I offer??? What??? So she is telling me that the gadget is the best solution, yet has no clue what I sell or to whom…MMMMMMHHHHH. So how come she thinks that her gadget could be any good for my business or my marketing at all???

Let me break it to you Sis / Bro:


People… Really????Angry Naomi Mc Laughlan

If you use cold calling or bulk mailings as part of your strategy; DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST!

Who are you calling & Why – Why should they care, if you don’t???


Also, your gadget, product or service is NOT for everyone!

Not everyone likes apples, although they may be juicy and healthy!

Not everyone can or want to afford your coaching service, although you may be an awesome coach!

Not everyone wants a new jacket, because they may love their old one, even if it has holes!

Yes, Consumers consume – But they have to have a Need or Want!

Just because you are calling, texting or littering their mailbox with flyers, does not mean that these potential clients or customers need or want what you have to sell!

End of story!


All the Best,

Naomi xxx

P.S.: What do you hate most about unsolicited mail, texts or calls? Leave me your comments below!

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ONE Strategy in Business won’t cut it!

Biz Strategy Naomi Mc Laughlan

You need to anticipate changes in your micro- and macro environment and adjust accordingly.

Markets change, buyer behaviour changes, your personal circumstances, your workforce, political, economic, social, technology, legal, and environmental changes…and sooooo much more.

Therefore, I think that what many ‘online gurus’ sell these days is false and a crab lot of BS. Often they sell ‘the program, magic pill or how to strategy’, because they never had a real business, so no ‘real-life application’ and / or they never went to a business school / University, so no qualification, but rather bought into the coaching hype of the 2000s; Quick cash selling Dreams.

And adding to all that, most of them have not even invested in getting a professional coaching qualification…

It is up to YOU, to find the ‘right’ coach, consultant or mentor, but let me warn you all those three words alone are not protected by any means or standard, so in short anybody that FEELS they HAVE IT, can start a coaching / consulting business, without knowing ANYTHING, selling you shit!

Investigate before you invest! Don’t part with your money on impulse… just saying!

Create the Life & Business You Desire & Deserve!

Naomi xxx

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P.P.S: Yes, I am qualified, not only academically to coach, consult and mentor in business and / or multimedia marketing, but also from a practitioners standpoint, as I have also built and grown three successful and profitable businesses in the past 16 years, both in the B2B and B2C sector and in multiple industries.  Yay! 😉

P.P.P.S: Sorry for the rant, but it need to be said!!!

This is how you get Free Publicity For Your Business


Advertising is telling the world how great you are, while publicity is having others tell the world how great you are. Companies and organizations that understand the importance of publicity are generally more successful than those who use advertising alone to reach their target audiences.

Newspapers, magazines and radio and television news programs are filled with stories about businesses and organizations. Those who know how to present materials professionally to the right people will get media coverage for free, while those who don’t understand how publicity works have to rely on large advertising budgets to reach their audiences, usually with less impressive results.

The first step in reaching out to media professionals is to create an appealing press release. Its main purpose is to get an editor or producer interested in what you have to say or in what you are doing. It should contain enough information, specifics and quotes that a writer can craft a story from it without ever having to call you.

A media alert is another tool for getting press coverage. Its purpose is to give news assignment desks the specifics about an event in a way that entices editors or television news directors to send a reporter or camera crew.

There are dozens of other ways to get news coverage, such as placing feature stories or writing pitch letters offering your expertise in a subject for quotes or on-air interviews.

You can hire outside help to get publicity, however you know your business inside out, so the key to succeed, is to reach out the appropriate person with your message, in a format that media professionals expect. You will find who to contact and what they expect on most media outlets ‘contact’ page on their website.

Let me know what you think!

All the Best,

Naomi xxx

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Dare to build a Global Brand?

Global Brand Strategy Success Club Naomi Mc Laughlan

Most entrepreneurs and business owners I have met during my 15+ years in business for myself, initially love what they do and all they can think, talk and dream of is to get their products and services out there. Some plan for ages, while others ‘just put it out there’ and finally launch…

Then hits the reality that the competition is much more aggressive/established/quicker/faster/better/more financial stable, as expected and the footfall and demand is lower than estimated. Disappointment, upset and struggle, and often financial trouble load just another brick to the pile and there all it goes out of the window….

Just in the last year I witnessed about 30 stores in our local town center go, some were established ones too, while others where in the 1-5-year bracket. Sad to see them go, one by one…

I strongly believe that one major part that is missing, in most cases, is multimedia marketing and a therefore a consistent communication of benefits potential customers and clients get when they purchase a product or service. However, I have also realized that many business owners do not plan or have a marketing budget, but rather hope that ‘word will spread’ and people will just appear by magic.

So what to do differently? You may think…

Online sales Naomi Mc Laughlan


Well, from my experience I can say that you need to ‘shout it from the rooftops’ day in and day out. On average it takes up to 7 times until we recognize a brand. Right? And people search online to find a solution for their problem, therefore if your online offering is not ‘up-to-scratch’ – you have lost the battle before they even get to town or find your website!

So here is my offer to you,

my dear entrepreneur & business owner;

Join the Global Brand Strategy Success Club today, so that you avoid all the above and build a sizzling business, with products and services known, loved and trusted around the globe!

Common over, take a look and join!

All the Best,

Naomi xxx

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Mother Daughter Tag – How well do you know each other?

Mother Daughter Tag 2016 Naomi Mc Laughlan Insta

My daughter Jasmin has #dared me to make a video for my YouTube Channel and do a mother daughter tag with her. I was soooo sure that I knew most of the answers. Well, you’ll see how that went in our video below.

If you want to go ahead and to a mother daughter tag or a mother son tag too, here are the questions:


Mom’s favorite color is….

Mom’s shoe size is…

Mom’s favorite flower is…

Mom is how many years old…

Mom’s favorite song is…

Mom was born in which State/City…

Mom has how many siblings…

Mom’s favorite dessert is…

Mom is how tall….

Mom’s favorite Sonic drink is…

Mom was how old when she had her ears pierced….


Daughter’s / Son’s favorite color is…

Daughter’s/ Son’s favorite meal that Mom cooks is…

Daughter’s / Son’s favorite book is…

Daughter’s / Son’s favorite song is…

Daughter’s / Son’s favorite school subject is…

Daughter’s / Son’s favorite vacation ever was…

Daughter / Son wants to be how tall when she grows up…

Daughter’s / Son’s favorite Sonic drink…

Daughter’s / Son’s favorite gift ever was…

Daughter’s / Son’s favorite birthday ever was…

Daughter’s / Son’s favorite thing to do with mom is…


Let me know what you think!

All the Best,

Naomi xxx

How does professional success looks like for you within the next five years?

Take a look at the ‘Take a Bite of Success – Business & Multimedia Marketing Tips’ episode below, which is the first part of my new series, which officially starts next Monday, August 3rd 2015 on my YouTube Channel.

Each week I will give you a crisp, quick tip, which hopefully will be of benefit for you or your clients. Let me know what you think! Please post any questions you might have, and I will answer you asap 😉

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Video Transcript

How does professional success looks like for you within the next five years?  What will have to happen. How will you know when you have achieved success? How will others know it?  Why is success in the desired area important to you?

According to the Cambridge University Press (2015) success means “the achieving of the results wanted or hoped for… something that achieves positive results.”

While for some of people especially financial rewards are most important, personal fulfilment, freedom and recognition are also  vital aspects, either achieved by founding or growing ones business or by getting promoted by an employer.

Many young adults, as well as some mature students chose to study a for example a Business & Management degree or a Business & Marketing degree,  out of personal interest or as a means to secure a promotion, or because they have spotted a demand in the labour market. The choice of sector and industry are also based on personal preferences or local circumstances.

It always important to keep in mind that in the attempt to be successful, it is important to have clear goals in mind, work towards them by accomplishing milestones and standing out by using creativity to get heard and seen.


Cambridge University Press (2015) Success Online at: [Date accessed 29th June 2015]


All the Best,

Naomi xxx

You will NEVER become a Millionaire, if you don’t…

Yes, I admit that’s a harsh way of starting of an article, but please bear with me for a few minutes and read on, I would really appreciate it – I believe & hope so will you 😉Millionaire NaomiMcLaughlan

Many people hope to become a millionaire; it’s one of their biggest dreams, if not even the biggest. Unfortunately though, these individuals do not spend a second making a plan or considering the steps it takes to succeed in their pursuit.

Some might even believe that making a ‘wish’ will eventually help…

You will NEVER become a millionaire, if you

  1. …Don’t think of the ‘why’

Is it the life style or are you seeking happiness? If so, I am guessing that you are aware of many celebrities who are anything but happy, despite the lifestyle or glamour. So what is it for you?

  1. … Don’t stop overspending, e.g. piling up credit card debts

If you live like a millionaire, including driving a car you cannot afford or shop until your cards reach their limit, you will have no money to invest in a venture that actually increases your income.

  1. …Don’t work on your own dream, but someone else’s

If you work in a 9-5 job, it might be almost impossible to ever make a £1/$1 million (or any other currency), as you will find that there is certainly an income ceiling you will reach. If you create a service or product based business, for example, you will increase your chances thousandfold.

  1. …Don’t Plan, Take Action and Readjust

Consider the 5W’s:

Who do you want to serve (Customers, Clients etc.)?

What do you have to offer (Service, Products, and Solutions etc.)?

When do you want to reach your financial goals?

Where is the best place to provide what you have to sell?

Why do you want to succeed? – Having a strong answer, will help you to focus in difficult times.

Dream Big NaomiMcLaughlan

Did you know that fewer than 25 percent ever received “an act of kindness” of $10,000 or more from their parents, grandparents, or other relatives? Amazing right, that said it shows that tenacity and a self-driven person can achieve anything really.

How to make 1 NaomiMcLaughlan

Take action, by asking yourself the following questions and plan your future accordingly;

If you haven’t already, what do you need to start your own business?

How many products / services would you have to sell?

How many hours could you teach, coach or speak?

Could you scale your service, by for example teaching a group instead of 1on1?

Could you offer a package?

When was the last time that you raised your prises?

I am aware that this topic is endless and there are many aspects I have not covered in this post, so I will definitely encourage you on other occasions again; to plan, take action, readjust and succeed!

In any case, I wish you the best of luck (and determination) in reaching your goal!

All the Best,