Happy International Women’s Day – #BeBoldForChange

Happy International Womens Day Naomi Mc Laughlan

Hey Beauty,

Are you the celebrating International Women’s Day?

Are you Bold for Change?

I hope you are, not just because that’s is this year’s motto…

Many women, myself included, often feel under enormous pressure, including having to be pretty and smart, a good daughter and sister, a great mum and an amazing wife, all at the same time…and yet, I guess what we all need to hear is that WE ARE #ENOUGH!

In light of today’s special day, as well as part of my #GlobalGoal campaign, I have created a 4-part series on “Support Global Goals Equal Rights of Education” for girls and women. Enjoy 😉

Therefore, it is up to all of use to help forge a better working world, one that is more inclusive, a gender equal world!

All the Best,

Naomi xxx

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Global Goals #1-5 Infographic


What are you focusing on changing and / or participating in?

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Let me know what you think, in the comment section below!

All the Best,

Naomi xxx


Women Achievers Congress / WAC London 2015 with Kim Kiyosaki

WAC NaomiMcLaughlan instaGuess where I spend last Saturday? Yes. That’s right; at the Women Achievers Congress Sat 4th & Sun 5th July 2015, 9am – 8pm daily, in the Ibis Earls Court Hotel, London.

Day 1

It was a fairly early start for me; embarking my journey at 6am to drive to our local train station to board the carriage to London Liverpool Street station, were I then changed into the Central and later into the Piccadilly Line, to finally arrive at Earls Court.

NaomiMcLaughlan WAC 2015 mapThe weather was wonderful in London, with a bright sunshine and warm breeze, unlike the usual rather windy rainy weather. PicMonkey Collage

Anyways, I was prepared for it all, with an umbrella, coat and the lot, just to be safe 😉 Nevertheless, it all stayed in in my huge London Olympics bag, while my black summer dress and light jacket was the perfect attire for the day.

At my arrival I was positively surprised by the friendliness of the staff, who guided each participant during the registration process. I was delighted that each of us was given a pink bracelet, each with an empowering statement, which read ‘You are sexy’ and ‘You are beautiful’. There was one more, but I honestly forgot what it said.

Naomi McLaughlan WAC 2015 Hands

While waiting to enter the conference room, I started chatting with another woman called Rose and she introduced me to her friend Charity, both successful business women.

Naomi Mc Laughlan WAC 2015 line

When I entered the conference room, I noticed the care that has been put into the decoration and set-up; each table was covered with white cloth and many tables had a bunch of fresh flowers placed on the centre, paper and markers were ready for us to use, while 7 or 8 women could take a seat around each table.

The three of us found a table and introduced each other to the other four women who joined us, to my glee I recognised one, Suzie, who I had met at previous business events. We used the time everyone needed to get settled to quickly catch up.

Naomi McLaughlan WAC 2015 Stage

The event hostess Deborah Torres Patel, influential voice, presentation and public speaking coach, started the programme by giving us a warm welcome and explaining the structure of the day.

There was a huge excitement in the room when Mrs Kim Kiyosaki, Author of It’s Rising Time, Rich Woman and Good Deal Bad Deal, entrepreneur, real estate investor & radio show host came on stage. Mrs Kiyosaki was highly inspiring when she walked us through the positive and negative incidents of her career and life, which she visually enhanced by sharing private pictures with the audience. One for instance, showed her at age 4, wearing a Kimono and another of herself and her husband Robert Kiyosaki at their wedding day.

Mrs Kiyosaki reminded us that we need to think of our own life too, as many of us might forget to look out for ourselves, while caring for our children or family members. Although this is important, self-care in areas like our personal, professional and financial life are vital to being able to care even more for others.

My biggest take-way from her first speech was to stay away from negative people and that in every negative situation there may be a positive lesson to be learned.

NaomiMclaughlan WAC 2015 Kim K

Mrs Kiyosaki then introduced us to; Ceil Stanford, Leader, role model and elite life & executive coach, Lisa Lannon, Social entrepreneur, investor and international speaker and Ronda Jaggers, Social entrepreneur and CEO, who she has known for years and who she calls her ‘dear friends’.

Each woman told us about their current business venture and what has inspired them to choose the path they are currently on.

We continued the day with being introduced to practical examples and were encouraged to take part in pair and group exercises which brought us closer and increased our personal development, self-awareness and business investment knowledge. Those exercises gave us the chance to get to know the other participants on our table, as well as many other women of the other tables, even more so than compared to the usual networking events.

Day 2

Although I missed day two and all the wonderful inspiring women entrepreneurs, I have been told that it was a special experience to listen to their guidance and best business and life practices.

The special celebrity guest for the day was Michelle Mone OBE, Global speaker, Entrepreneur and Women’s Fashion Advocate who shared her story about her successes in life and business.

While Amanda Woodward, Professional property investor & business owner, Bindar Dosanjh, Lawyer, entrepreneur, International speaker, Author & Mentor, Alicia Lyttle, Internet marketing & Social media expert, and Wendy Stevens, Best Selling Author, Speaker & Business Coach all shared their experience, advice and ‘how-to’s’ in each of their areas of expertise.

Overall, I highly appreciate having been part of the #WAC #London #2015 event, because the event facilitated me to make new friends, create business contacts, learn and develop my knowledge!

And I believe it was the right time that Success Resources provided a platform for the first #Women #Achievers #Congress in the United Kingdom, as women need the empowerment and inspiration!

My special THANK YOU go to Mrs Victoria Tan & Mrs Kim Kiyosaki who created the event!

If you have been there, please share your views in the comment section below.

All the Best,

Naomi xxx